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Aesthetic Education however are unlikely to be attained if as some theorists advocate the arts should be used primarily in furtherance of the objectives of other subject areas Third since all the arts possess the capacity to induce aesthetic experience it seems reasonable to organize aesthetic studies according to one of the educational schemes that recommend grouping the arts together Prospects for the future of aesthetic education however would appear to be clouded On the one hand analytical critiques question the viability of the concept of the aesthetic while ideology driven theories of art and arts education often exhibit an antiaesthetic bias On the other hand the endurance of the American Journal of Aesthetic Education 1966 evidence of increased cooperation between aestheticians and educators Moore 1995 the founding of a committee on education within the American Society for Aesthetics and two essays on aesthetic education in the first English language Encyclopedia of Aesthetics Vol 2 Oxford University Press New York 1998 suggest continuing interest in the subject 4 Definitions of Key Terms Aesthetics A branch of philosophy that inquires into the nature meaning and value of art or any critical reflection about art culture and nature Aesthetic point of iew A distinctive stance taken toward phenomena e g works of art and nature for the purpose of inducing aesthetic experience Aesthetic experience A type of experience that manifests the savoring of phenomena for their inherent values in contrast to practical activities and values Aesthetic alue A type of value in contrast e g to economic value etc also the capacity of something by virtue of its manifold of qualities to induce aesthetic experience Aesthetic literacy A cluster of capacities that enables engagements of phenomena especially works of art with prerequisite percipience Aesthetic culture A distinctive domain of society in contrast e g to its political culture and normatively sensitivity in matters of

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