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Proceedings of the 2003 Particle Accelerator Conference PLASMA WAKEFIELD ACCELERATION OF AN INTENSE POSITRON BEAM CORRELATION BETWEEN TIME RESOLVED AND TIMEINTEGRATED ENERGY DIAGNOSTICS B E Blue P Muggli M J Hogan C L O Connell C Clayton F J Decker C Huang R Iverson K A Marsh W B Mori D Walz T C Katsouleas R Siemann C Joshi University of California Los Angeles Los Angeles CA 90095 University of Southern California Los Angeles CA 90089 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Menlo Park CA 94025 Abstract The E162 experiment at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center was the first experiment in which a positron beam gained energy in a plasma wakefield accelerator 1 A single positron bunch both excited gave energy to and witnessed extracted energy from the plasma wakefield The energy dynamics within the single positron bunch were measured in a dispersive section of the beamline with both time resolved 1 ps streak camera and time integrated CCD camera diagnostics This paper will correlate the energy gain and loss measurements from both diagnostics MOTIVATION The bunch length z c 2 4 ps used in the E162 experiment was long enough to be temporally resolved using current state of the art streak cameras However streak cameras do not exist to temporally resolve the dynamics within the beam as the bunch length is shortened in future experiments E164 z c 300 fs E164X z c 30 fs Therefore the use of timeintegrated diagnostics is mandated and a methodology must be generated in order to extract the accelerated particles from the back of the bunch from data that contains both the accelerated and decelerated particles in the entire bunch The experimental setup has been described in detail elsewhere 2 but the salient features will be briefly introduced A 730 m long 40 m round positron bunch containing 1 2x1010 particles was propagated through a 1 4 meter long plasma of density 0 2x1014 cm 3 Upon exiting the plasma the beam was imaged onto a 1 mm thick aerogel Cherenkov radiator using a

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