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Library Databases vs the Web What is a library database A library database is an organized collection of electronic information that allows a user to search for a particular topic article or book in a variety of ways e g keyword subject author title Some databases contain the full text of articles from journals magazines and newspapers as well as books You can access library databases off campus by logging in with your MyJSRCC account 24 7 Can t I just Google the same information Most of the information found by using Internet search engines such as Google is free Library databases contain copyrighted licensed and proprietary information Reynolds Library pays for access to databases so that students can access the information for free Most information retrieved from Google hasn t been evaluated It could be inaccurate biased or it might not be current You will need to carefully critique information Articles found in the library databases have already been evaluated for accuracy and credibility by discipline specific experts and publishers How do I access and use the library databases Go to library reynolds edu and click on the Databases tab or choose from the Popular Databases menu located in the blue box on the left hand side of the homepage Off campus log into your MYJSRCC account and select Library Services under My Tools This will take you to the QuickSearch page In the upper right hand corner click on Databases A Z My instructor told our class we can t use any or only a few Internet sources Can I still use the library databases Yes Library databases are not considered the Internet They contain print material that has been digitized for electronic access Always clarify with your instructors what they actually mean when the class is told no or few Internet sources Need more help Refer to the guide on the back of this page Last updated 6 3 2014 kc dw Library Databases vs the Web A Comparison Library Databases The Free Web When to Use Best for college level research

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