Colorblind Racism

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Colorblind Racism

2/13/2014 Lecture Notes AMST-A100

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Indiana University, Bloomington
Amst-A 100 - What Is America?

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AMST-A100 1st Edition Lecture 9 Outline of Last Lecture I. Definitions II. History of race and ethnicity in the Americas a. The slave trade and the science of race b. The history of “blackness” in brazil c. The history of “whiteness” in the US III. Life Chances a. Education b. Sleep Outline of Current Lecture I. Comments about midterm and proposals II. Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow III. Colorblind Racism a. What is racism? b. The colorblind kind IV. White Privilege Current Lecture Midterm Exam is February 4  25 multiple choice questions/fill in the blank  2(ish) short answer  50 minutes to complete, in class  There will be a “tutoring” session These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor’s lecture. GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes, not as a substitute.

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