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Data Logistics in Network Computing The Logistical Session Layer D Martin Swany and Rich Wolski Computer Science Department University of California Santa Barbara swany rich cs ucsb edu Abstract In this paper we present a strategy for optimizing end toend TCP IP throughput over long haul networks i e those where the product of the bandwidth and the delay is high Our approach defines a Logistical Session Layer LSL that uses intermediate process level depots along the network route from source to sink to implement an end to end communcation session Despite the additional processing overhead resulting from TCP IP protocol stack Unix kernel boundary traversals at each depot our experiments show that dramatic end to end bandwidth improvements are possible We also describe the prototype implementation of LSL that does not require Unix kernel modification or root access privilege that we used to generate the results and discuss its utility in the context of extant TCP IP tuning methodologies 1 Introduction The need for flexible and high performance access to distributed resources has driven the development of networking since its inception With the maturing of The Internet this community continues to increase its demands for network performance to support a raft of emerging applications including distributed collaboratoria full motion video and Computational Grid programs Traditional models of high performance computing are evolving hand in hand with advanced networking 13 While distributed computation control and network resource control 14 techniques are currently being developed we have been studying the use of time limited dynamically allocated network buffers 28 as a way of provisioning the communication medium We term this form of networking Logistical Networking 7 to emphasize the higher level control of buffer resources it entails In this paper we present a novel approach to optimizing end to end TCP IP performance using Logistical Networking Our methodology

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