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Plant Pathology PhD Program Learning Outcomes Goals 1 is to provide a high quality plant pathology graduate experience to equip students with the skills necessary for research teaching and extension or other agriculture related positions that require the Ph D degree Activities in Support of Goal 1 We have a rigorous admission process for Ph D Students 2 Once admitted students must complete at least two graduate level seminar courses in the biological sciences pass a preliminary examination and acquire teaching experience by assisting in two courses offered by the department 3 The students also have to complete a series of courses in the field of Plant Pathology along with other courses as determined by their guidance committee 4 When they are finished taking the required coursework they take a Ph D Qualifying Exam 5 As research is a critical part of the PhD students begin research at the time they are accepted into a research program When they are ready to defend their Ph D Thesis Research they must present their research to the Department and pass Ph D defense examination 6 Throughout the Ph D process students are encouraged to publish their research as first authors with their major professor and others if so desired as junior authors 7 The Department also encourages and supports participation of students at national and international meetings where they can present their research gain valuable feedback from others in the discipline and begin to make contacts with other researchers in the discipline 8 We constantly revise the requirements for the Ph D Degree in our Department depending on how our Ph D candidates do on these job interviews and progress in their careers For examples we hire new faculty members revise the responsibilities of current faculty and change Ph D requirements including coursework based on the successes of our students We have been quite successful in placing our graduating Ph D Students in University government and private corporate

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