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Gamma Ray Telescopes Brief History of Gamma Ray Astronomy 2008 Fermi GLAST All sky monitoring of the MeV GeV sky every 3 hr with sensitivity a factor of 10 better than EGRET 2004 Swift Dedicated ray burst mission prompt X ray optical follow up arcsecond localization of GRBs 2002 INTEGRAL Major advances in high resolution imaging and spectroscopy of Galactic ray sources 1997 BeppoSAX First high precision localization of ray bursts cosmological origin of GRBs established 1991 CGRO First all sky survey of the ray sky major discoveries in all areas of ray astronomy ray astronomy becomes an integral part of astronomy 1989 SIGMA First high resolution images 13 in hard X rays soft rays 1987 Whipple ACT First credible detection of a TeV source Crab Nebula 1981 SMM Studies of solar flare ray emission 56Co lines from SN 1987A 1979 HEAO 3 Discovery of radioactive 26Al emission in the Milky Way 1975 COS B First detailed ray map of the Milky Way with 24 point sources 1972 SAS 2 First high energy ray images discovery of Geminga pulsar 1968 OSO 3 Discovery of 100 MeV ray emission from the Milky Way 1967 VELA satelllites Discovery of ray bursts not published until 1973 1961 EXPLORER II First detection of high energy rays from space 1 The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory CGRO 1991 2000 Oriented ScintillationSpectrometer Experiment OSSE 0 1 10 MeV Compton Telescope COMPTEL 1 30 MeV Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope EGRET pair conversion telescope 20 MeV 30 GeV Burst and Transient Source Experiment BATSE 0 015 110 MeV 2 The International Gamma Ray Astrophysics Laboratory INTEGRAL Launched 2002 Two ray telescopes Imager on Board the INTEGRAL Satellite IBIS optimized for high spatial resolution Spectrometer on INTEGRAL SPI optimized for high spectral resolution Energy range 20 keV 8 MeV Both use coded mask technique for imaging 3 AGILE Astro rivelatore Gamma a Immagini LEggero Italian gamma ray satellite mission launched April 23 2007 Similar technology and capabilities as EGRET

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