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The re emergence of tuberculosis among the economically productive age group in Kenya the case of Mombasa district JOELK KIBOSS1 AND NICHOLAS K KBBITOK2 ABSTRACT In this investigation 43 cases of smear positive patients undergoing TB treatment at satellite treatment centres situated within Mombasa municipality were observed and interviewed retrospectively The span of the study was five months commencing from April 1997 The study was carried out in collaboration with the National Leprosy and Tuberculosis Programme at Port Reitz Coast General and Ganjoni centres of infectious and contagious diseases in Mombasa district The data seem to indicate that the highest number 97 of persons affected by TB come from the economically productive age 15 50 years The possible cause of recurrence ofTB in Mombasa district is lifestyle The majority of the people with sputum smear positive earn below the poverty line They live in rented or overcrowded houses with inadequate ventilation insufficient sanitary and transport facilities and poor health systems In addition there is a general lack of awareness of dangers of infection spread and prevention ofTB Areas warranting closer attention by future research are highlighted in the study KEYWORDS education health life style poverty Mombasa TB 1 2 Department of Curriculum and Instruction Egerton University Njoro Kenya Department of Animal Science Egerton University Njoro Kenya VOL 18 NO 2 JULY 2003 JOURNAL OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA 121 Introduction The re emergence of infectious and communicable diseases such as tuberculosis in Africa has been blamed on various problems such as poor epidemic surveillance lack of medicine and medical services weak health systems and poor health conditions and hazards Bobbin 1984 Pratt 1995 Tuberculosis TB is a disease caused by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis It has been a misery of mankind for centuries as accounts in the earliest surviving literature show Barnes and Barrows 1993 Evans 1994 A review of

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