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2002 Gene List for Melon Michel Pitrat INRA Station de G n tique et d Am lioration des Fruits et L gumes BP 94 84143 Montfavet cedex France Gene lists of melon have been published previously the last one in 1998 109 17 18 93 95 96 They included different types of genes disease and pest resistance genes isozymes leaf stem flower fruit and seed characters The 2002 list includes a total number of 162 loci QTLs for Cucumber Mosaic Virus resistance ethylene production during fruit maturation and ovary and fruit shape and one cytoplasmic mutant cyt Yt Table 1 Genes have also been cloned in melon mRNA or complete gene with eventually intron Only genes with complete sequences are listed in Table 2 Most of them are related to fruit maturation About 50 partial clones for instance Resistance Gene Homologues are also available in databases Genetic maps using different types of molecular markers have been published 4 12 25 26 86 92 122 Linkages between isozymes 114 and between phenotypic mutants 94 have also been reported These maps have been constructed using different melon genotypes as parents and some markers cannot be transferred easily from one map to another or are not polymorphic between all the parents Table 3 There is not yet a reference saturated map of melon Moreover very few phenotypic traits have been mapped Allelism tests have often not been performed inflating the number of described genes This is particularly clear for Powdery mildew resistance but also for many other traits This could be because accessions previously described with this trait are not or no more available It is strongly recommended to send seed samples along with reports of new genes to the melon gene curators They should consult the lists and the rules of gene nomenclature for the Cucurbitaceae 110 17 before proposing a gene name and symbol Table 1 Gene list of melon In bold characters are the genes which are maintained by the curators or which are very common in collections like

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