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Getting Started With Mahara 1 Login to Moodle http moodle njit edu with your UCID and password figure 1 Figure 1 Log into Moodle 2 After logging in click on link toward the bottom of the right hand column that says Home Mahara figure 2 Figure 2 Click on the Mahara link 3 From the Mahara homepage click on the My Portfolio tab located at the top of the screen figure 3 Figure 3 My Portfolio tab 4 After logging into Mahara you will want to upload work samples to your portfolio these files will be placed into the Files area of your profile To do so click the My Files link underneath the top navigation tab figure 4 Figure 4 My Files tab 5 On the My Files page you can create folders and upload files It is strongly recommended that you create folders for your documents to keep this area organized To do so click on the Create folder button figure 5 Figure 5 Create Folder button 6 From the Create folder screen add a name description and tags optional and click the Create folder button figure 6 Figure 6 Creating a folder 7 To upload files click the Upload file button Under the Copyright notice click the Yes Click Browse to locate the file on your computer After selecting the file to be uploaded give the file a Name this can be different from the file name and should be descriptive enter a Description add Tags these are optional keywords that people can use to search for your file and click the Upload file button figure 7 Figure 7 Uploading a file 8 Once files have been uploaded to your portfolio it will be time to create a view A view is a portfolio or site that you can use to showcase your work publically or privately Click on the link for My Views under the My Portfolio tab figure 8 and then click on Create View figure 9 Figure 8 My Views Figure 9 Create View 9 Enter a title and optional description for your View Portfolio figure 10 For example John Doe s NJIT Portfolio Once your view has a description you can click the next button to continue creating your portfolio Figure

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