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Design 1 Easel 5000 Team 3 Alison Biercevicz Seth Novoson Justin Yu TABLE OF CONTENTS OBJECTIVE 2 LIGHT SOURCE 3 ADJUSTABLE EASEL MOUNT 4 CANVAS HOLDER 5 EASEL EXTENSION 7 EASEL BASE 8 MATERIALS LIST 10 EASEL CALCULATIONS 11 APPENDICES 12 TABLE OF FIGURES 1 Lighting System 4 2 Adjustable Easel Mount 5 3 Front View of Canvas Clamp 6 4 Side View of Canvas Clamp 6 5 Side View of Easel Extension 7 6 Top View of Easel Base 8 7 Front View of Easel Base 9 8 Side View of Easel Base 9 9 Easel Base Dimensions 9 10 Conceptual Drawing of Easel5000 10 1 OBJECTIVE Project Easel 5000 is a cooperative effort between UConn s Biomedical Engineering Senior design class and the National Science Foundation or the NSF The specific project being worked on for the NSF is called Engineering Projects to Aid Persons with Disabilities The objective of project Easel 5000 is to build a new adjustable easel for an artist with cerebral palsy Previously an adjustable easel was designed in 2003 However it did not completely fulfill the needs of the artist The first design did not have the adjustability needed It also had a motor that the artist had difficulty using and was a tripping hazard because of the motor s electric cord at the location where it was used The objectives of the project are to build a new adjustable easel that meets the specifications presented by the NSF These specifications fall into four main categories environmental electrical mechanical and economical The environment the easel will be used in will require it to portable table top size and easily used in a busy art room setting The electrical requirements will include a cordless light source with an easy on off switch Mechanically the easel will need stability flexible locking joints and be able to accommodate a 20 x 20 canvas Economically the design and construction of the easel must cost less than 750 The easel design can be broken down into five major components The components are the light source the adjustable easel

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