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Neutrino Astronomy introduction the cosmic ray puzzle revisited theory of high energy neutrino detection Neutrino Sources generic neutrino flux associated with the sources of the cosmic rays 1 point 2 diffuse source one example gamma ray bursts other science one example the search for dark matter Neutrino Telescopes First generation AMANDA Kilometer scale neutrino observatory IceCube Visible CMB 400 microwave photons per cm3 1 TeV 1 Fermilab GeV rays Flux Radio Energy eV With 103 TeV energy photons do not each us from the edge of our galaxy ecause of their small mean free path because n the microwave background e e CMB TeV sources cosmic rays Proton Astronomy d dB Rgyro E 0 1o d 1 Mpc B 10 9 G E 3 x 1020 eV B 10 6 Gauss in local cluster Interaction length of protons in microwave background p CMB n p nCMB p CMB 1 GZK cutoff above 10 Mpc 50 EeV 1000 Mpc 100 Mpc 10 Mpc gamma ray bursts closest active galaxies local supecluster Virgo 1 pc 3 ly 1018 cm 1 Mpc 100 kpc halo 10 kpc 1 kpc 0 1 kpc center of galaxy galaxy scale height Multi Messenger Astronomy Protons rays neutrinos gravitational waves as probes of the high energy Universe 1 Protons directions scrambled by magnetic fields n 2 rays straight line propagation but reprocessed in the sources extragalactic backgrounds absorb E TeV 3 Neutrinos straight line propagation unabsorbed but difficult to detect New Window on Universe Expect Surprises Telescope User date Intended Use Actual use Optical Galileo 1608 Navigation Moons of Jupiter Optical Hubble 1929 Nebulae Expanding Universe Radio Jansky 1932 Noise Radio galaxies Micro wave Penzias Wilson 1965 Radio galaxies noise X ray Giacconi 1965 Sun moon Radio Hewish Bell 1967 Ionosphere Pulsars rays military 1960 Thermonuclear explosions Gamma ray bursts 3K cosmic background neutron stars accreting binaries Knee of spectrum Differential spectral index changes at 3 x 1015eV a 2 7 a 3 0 Continues to 3 x 1018 eV Expect exp E Z Emax cutoff for each Z Fine tuning problem to

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