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BioE332A Lab 1 2008 Lab 1 1 January 11 2008 Modeling Synaptic Currents In this lab we will explore the behavior of a model synapse Our goals are to understand the behavior and limits of the model and become familiar with hardware and software that we will use throughout future labs We focus on the two components of the model synapse The cleft models the release and uptake of neurotransmitter into and from the intercellular space between presynaptic and postsynaptic neurons The receptor models conductance change in response to a pulse of neurotransmitter released into the cleft 1 1 Reading Synaptic models range from complex to simple Most models are simplified to reduce the cost of implementation in software or hardware The following paper located on the class website provides an example synapse model similar to the silicon one used in this lab A Destexhe Z Mainen and T Sejnowski An efficient method for computing synaptic conductances based on a kinetic model of receptor binding Neural Computation 6 1 14 8 1994 1 2 Prelab This prelab is meant to familiarize you with analyzing cleft and receptor behavior There is an intuitive aspect to understanding these systems as well as a mathematical formalism The prelab attempts to develop both types of analysis 1 Synaptic Cleft a The input to the synapse Figure 1 1 is a spike s brief depolarization which results in rapid release of neurotransmitter into the cleft We model the cleft s neurotransmitter concentration X in response to a spike at time zero as an instantaneous increase Q followed by a linear decrease at rate ILEAK due to neurotransmitter uptake If X is zero before a spike solve for X t immediately after it and the following waveform Sketch the waveform BioE332A Lab 1 2008 2 spike Q cleft X t receptor G t Figure 1 1 The model synapse consists of the cleft which models neurotransmitter concentration X t and the receptor which models conductance G t When a spike arrives it causes an increase in X t which binds to

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