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Technical Report Documentation Page 1 Report No 2 Government Accession No 3 Recipient s Catalog No TX 97 3988 1 4 Title and Subtitle 5 Report Date BICYCLE SUITABILITY CRITERIA LITERATURE REVIEW AND STATE OF THE PRACTICE SURVEY July 1997 6 Performing Organization Code 7 Author s 8 Performing Organization Report No Shawn M Turner C Scott Shafer and William P Stewart Research Report 3988 1 9 Performing Organization Name and Address 10 Work Unit No TRAIS Texas Transportation Institute The Texas A M University System College Station Texas 77843 3135 11 Contract or Grant No 12 Sponsoring Agency Name and Address 13 Type of Report and Period Covered Texas Department of Transportation Research and Technology Transfer Office P O Box 5080 Austin Texas 78763 5080 Research Documentation January 1997 June 1997 Study No 7 3988 14 Sponsoring Agency Code 15 Supplementary Notes Research performed in cooperation with the Texas Department of Transportation Research Study Title Identify and Develop Criteria for Evaluating Roads to Determine Their Suitability for Bicycle Use 16 Abstract This research report reviews and summarizes bicycle suitability criteria being used in the United States presents preliminary conclusions and makes preliminary recommendations regarding such criteria Conclusions and recommendations are presented here as a starting point for discussion on the state of thepractice in bicycle suitability and the potential for the institution of such criteria at a statewide level in Texas Suitability criteria found in the literature review were varied in nature and mostly used in urban areas Many criteria require additional data beyond that commonly found in urban transportation data bases Several bicycle suitability criteria included the presence or width of shoulders a situation commonly found on Texas state highways The state of the practice survey revealed that 70 percent 11 of 16 states had bicycle suitability criteria in place The two most common criteria one or both

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