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Making pdf Files for Fellowship Applications There are tricky parts to this Try the process early Software snags will not be reasons for extending application deadlines Whenever possible don t scan paper into pdf file use software to turn electronic documents into pdf files Scanned files become images which are large files that are unwieldy to read Converted electronic documents are much smaller files and generally much easier to use If you are a Mac user you may have a pdf creator built into the operating system software It works through the print menu so any file that can be printed can be printed as a pdf file If you don t have a built in pdf creator there are two basic options Option 1 Use Adobe Acrobat The full Adobe Acrobat program not the Acrobat Reader can turn just about any kind of file into a pdf document You can also use it to merge several pdf files into one large one and control the order in which the component files are put together You can use Adobe Acrobat for free at many computing centers such as the one in Cox Hall Acrobat also allows you to reduce the file size Document Reduce File Size will automatically reduce the size Advanced PDF Optimizer will allow you to control how the file size is reduced in some detail you can manipulate image resolution font inclusion and other variables Option 2 Download and use free pdf creator software Among the free programs are PDF Creator from SourceForge net http sourceforge net projects pdfcreator PrimoPDF http www primopdf com doPDF http www dopdf com CutePDF http www cutepdf com Products CutePDF writer asp There are many more programs out there Their levels of functionality and reliability vary a great deal but just about any one of them should be able to handle the simple tasks required for fellowship applications I have seen PDF Creator endorsed by people with computer savvy but have never used any of them myself Scan Responsibly There may be some items you simply have to scan transcripts and teaching

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