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To appear in ACM Journal of Mobile Networks and Applications MONET Vol 9 No 3 June 2004 1 A Packet Scheduling Approach to QoS Support in Multihop Wireless Networks Haiyun Luo Songwu Lu Vaduvur Bharghavan Jerry Cheng Gary Zhong Computer Science Dept Coordinated Science Laboratory University of California University of Illinois Los Angeles CA 90095 Urbana IL 61801 hluo slu chengje gzhong cs ucla edu bharghav crhc uiuc edu Abstract Providing packet level quality of service QoS is critical to support both rate sensitive and delay sensitive applications in the bandwidth constrained shared channel multihop wireless networks Packet scheduling has been a very popular paradigm to ensure minimum throughput and bounded delay access for packet flows This work describes a packet scheduling approach to QoS provisioning in multihop wireless networks Besides minimum throughput and delay bounds for each flow our scheduling disciplines seek to achieve fair and maximum allocation of the shared wireless channel bandwidth However these two criteria can potentially be in conflict in a generic topology multihop wireless network where a single logical channel is shared among multiple contending flows and spatial reuse of the channel bandwidth is possible In this paper we propose a new scheduling model that addresses this conflict The main results of this paper are the following a a two tier service model that provides a minimum fair allocation of the channel bandwidth for each packet flow and additionally maximizes spatial reuse of bandwidth b an ideal centralized packet scheduling algorithm that realizes the above service model and c a practical distributed backoff based channel contention mechanism that approximates the ideal service within the framework of the CSMA CA protocol Keywords Wireless Scheduling Fair Queueing Ad hoc networks Wireless MAC 1 Introduction In recent years researchers have developed numerous resource management algorithms and protocols for wireless mobile

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