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A GEAR UP Partnership Model Agilemind Luis Dovalina AgileMind School Partnership Manager Ana Dougherty and Yvonne Garza UTPA Academic Advisors Debbie Dawang Yolanda Gomez Annabel Nieto PSJA High School Math Teachers Quick Facts on Region 4 of the poorest counties in nation 90 Hispanic 80 Speak language other than English 25 Foreign born primarily from Mexico 38 Live in extreme poverty 53 of adults have H S diploma 10 of adults are college graduates Definition of a Partnership Effective Partners Must Have a belief in the GEAR UP mission Assign a contact person to project Provide consistent support Add sustainable value to project schools Develop specific action plan Evaluate role and services Agilemind Support Structure Professional Development Campus Level Support Advisor Visits Technical Support for Usernames Passwords Collaboration with Regional Education Center Collaboration for integrating services with other GEAR UP Partners i e SureScore TI Support in Student and Parent Conferences Monitoring of Services Monthly usage reports for students Monthly usage reports for teachers Quarterly meetings with GEAR UP Staff on usage and follow training Communication with campus and district level staff on program usage Preparing Students for College and Beyond through Success in Rigorous Mathematics Debbie Dawang Yolanda Gomez Annabel Nieto Successful Implementation Yolanda Gomez 2007 2008 2008 2009 72 TAKS Math passing rate 87 TAKS Math passing rate 15 Debbie Dawang 2007 2008 2008 2009 86 TAKS Math passing rate 93 TAKS Math passing rate 7 PSJA High School TAKS Scores 2007 2008 2008 2009 64 TAKS Math passing rate 71 TAKS Math passing rate Agenda Agile Mind for Teachers Administrators Advice For Instruction Assessments Alignment Agile Mind for Student Parents Glossary Real World Connections Questioning Animations Assessments Rigor and Relevance in Mathematics Hands on Activity Pythagorean Theorem Proof Questions Comments Hook Maybe a poll Video Comic Agile Mind Course

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