More on Natural Selection and Evolution

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More on Natural Selection and Evolution

More information on natural selection as well as evidence for evolution over the millions of years of life on Earth

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Anthro 2050 - Introduction to Biological Anthropology With Laboratory
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Anthro2050 1st Edition Lecture 5 Outline of Last Lecture I. Charles Darwin II. Natural Selection and Adaptation Outline of Current Lecture I. More on Natural Selection II. Evidence for Evolution Current Lecture More on Natural Selection: -Constraints on selection: Character correlation- selecting for one trait or character that happens to be related to another trait as well. For example, when selecting for beak depth in birds, beak width is automatically selected for as well Physical constraint- something that can't evolve due to basic physical properties. For example there are no land mammals the size of a blue whale because the mass wouldn't be able to be supported on land and needs the buoyancy of water to be supported properly Developmental constraint- When a trait is set early in development, it is difficult to alter. For example, the vast majority of animals have a set 7 neck vertebrae. To make a longer or shorter neck, selection can't just add more bones, so the bones must be bigger or smaller to change the length Genetic constraint- not enough genetic variance in a population to evolve. This happens when a species loses a vast majority of the population relying on very few individuals to repopulate -Types of Selection: Directional selection- selecting for one trait over others Stability selection- selecting against the extremes in a population These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor’s lecture. GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes, not as a substitute.

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