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JC FYS 110 - Syllabus

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FYS 110 Freshman Year Seminar “Life is a journey. You’ll need a map. Stay on course!” Your two instructors for your MTH 098 and ENG 085 courses are also your joint instructors for FYS 110. Please consult your Math and Reading syllabi for their office, email, and phone numbers, and other information. Course Philosophy: This First Year Seminar course equips students for transitions in education and life. Students will be actively involved in learning and integrating practical tools to succeed. Students will develop a learning portfolio and an educational plan while enhancing critical thinking and study strategies. This seminar explores four major journeys in life. - One is our inner journey of learning more about ourselves, our strengths, and our learning styles. This journey boosts our confidence and aids and helps us develop a sense of feeling “at home” within the college community. - Another is our learning journey in courses. This journey includes active learning, effective and efficient study strategies, effective test-taking, and time management. - Yet another journey involves navigating college, using available resources, and understanding the processes. - Finally, in this course you will consider your career path. You will spend time considering career options and develop an educational plan that leads toward your career goals. Required Materials: - Text: On Course, 5th Edition, by Skip Downing (2008) - An academic weekly/monthly planner (calendar) available at most supply stores or pick up a copy of the 2008-2009 Student Handbook, available for $5.00 at the JCC Bookstore or free, if you attended an orientation session.. This is to help you organize your assignments and reading schedule for this class and other classes as well. Organization is the key to success in college and beyond. - Paper for in-class and homework assignments. You can use your ENG 085 spiral notebook for FYS journals and other homework assignments as well. - One new two-pocket folder. Course Goals: In FYS 110, you will: 1. Assess your learning styles, assess your career aptitudes, and write an academic plan. 2. Learn and apply study strategies that improve your ability to succeed in courses. 3. Develop communication and leadership skills by working in groups and speaking to your class. 4. Access and effectively use college resources. 5. Build your critical thinking skills as you read various selections and answer questions related to them.Grades: Learning Portfolio Your Compilation of Completed Assessments and Journal Reflections) 40 % Educational Plan 30% Participation 30% More about Participation: We expect that you will participate in class discussions and group discussions. Class participation makes our time together much more interesting and valuable to everyone, including your instructors. If you do not participate in the class discussion, have obviously not prepared for class, disrupt the class, sleep, or do other things besides the work of the Learning Community, your participation grade will be affected. Class Format: FYS activities and learning experiences will often be integrated as we work together on math problems and reading projects. Although the setting may be relaxed, the expectations are still college-level ones. You are expected to actively participate in discussions, actively read the selections, and put much thought into their journals and assignments. If you put forth a lot of effort in this class and take each assignment seriously, we believe that this class will give you more confidence in your college work, and it might possibly change your ways of thinking. Make sure you read the Handout on Learning Community Overarching Responsibilities for additional aspects about these combined

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