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U of U ME EN 4000 - Project Introduction

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ME EN 4000 Senior Design To: Prof. Provancher and Rebecca From: High Speed UAV TeamDate: September 14, 2005Subject: Project IntroductionAttachments: 0The purpose of this memo is to briefly describe the High speed UAV project. Theobjective of the memo is to briefly describe the what the team has been doing with theproject since ME 3900 and what the goals of the team are for the project.He term UAV stands for Unmanned Arial Vehicle. The goal of the high speed UAV teamis to manufacture a automated High Speed UAV which is capable of flying at speeds ofgreater than 300 mph to break the current high speed UAV speed record while fulfillingthe customer needs. The customer needs for the UAV are as follows, it has to be light inweight (< 50 lbs). This is going to be achieved by modifying the current airframe designand by manufacturing it with light weight composite sandwich structure. The UAV has tohave maximum functionality for it size and the team plans on using autonomous controlsystem so the UAV will have a preprogrammed GPS guided flight plan and therefore willnot be controlled manually. The team will also be studying and refining different landingand launching techniques for the UAV to make it more user friendly, while keeping itstable during the flight. For example non - retracting landing gear is easy to use butcreates drag preventing it from attaining high speeds and if forced to go fast loosestability during flight. The final customer need for the UAV is that it should be easilyassembled and have a low cost of manufacturing as compared to other high speed UAV.These customer need may vary depending on the complexity, the parts and the controlsystem used on the high speed UAV.Fundraising is an important part of the project. The team has been able to acquire a $4000completely assembled micro turbine from Boeing, $3200 in ASUU Funding from lastyear and $3000 in donation from ATK. The team is $1100 away from acquiring a Picollosystem which was discounted by $8000 by the company for our project and is priced at$7000. The Picollo system has built in sensors ,gyros ,accelerometers ,a simulationprogram and requires all the airframe parameters to be provided to run flight simulationsand test flights. The Picollo system is one of the most compatible and useful controlsystem when compared to out engineering and customer needs. The team will continue toupdate the current sponsors with are project to make sure the customer needs are satisfiedand to try to get more donations if required. The team will continue to converse andupdate potential donors like Aerojet, Northrop and Grumman in order to receive moredonations for the project. The goal of the team is to purchase the control system for theproject by November.The final phase of the Project will be testing the UAV. The first step is to perform Fluenttest and wind tunnel test. This will give the team the parameters required for the Picollosystem to run detailed simulations of the UAV. The next form of crude test is to car towthe UAV and The final phase is the test flight. Modifications may be performed at eachstage of testing to make sure the UAV performs with the parameters set by the team.In conclusion, this is a brief discussion of what the High Speed UAV team has achievedsince ME 3900 and plan to achieve during the current school year with this

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