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Pitt ECON 2730 - Seminar in Experimental Economics

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University of Pittsburgh Economics 2730Spring 2011 Prof. John DuffySeminar in Experimental EconomicsCourse Description: This seminar provides students with the opportunity to learn about currentresearch topics and methods in experimental economics from a number of different external speakers.Graduate students engaged in research in experimental economics are especially encouraged toparticipate in the seminar and to present their own experimental economics research.Requirements: Students may sign up to take the seminar course for satisfactory/not satisfactory(S/N) grading (i.e. course credit only, 3 credits), or for a letter grade. A student who signs up totake the course for course credit only (S/N grade) is required to attend all meetings of the seminarand must lead an advance discussion of at least one of the papers presented by a seminar speaker.(Details on these advance discussion meetings will be arranged in accordance with the seminarschedule). Further, students should plan on meeting with each speaker to discuss their own or thespeaker’s research. In addition to all of the above, a student who signs up to take the course fora letter grade must present his or her own research paper in the experimental economics seminar.Student presenters should be working under the supervision of one or more faculty members.Schedule and Discussion Meetings: The seminar is scheduled to meet Fridays from 12-1:30pmin 4716 W.W. Posvar Hall. However, it is not always possible to adhere to this time and place forour meetings, so you should check the weekly seminar calendar available on-line at: meeting times and places. A preliminary schedule of seminar presenters is given on the nextpage, and additions will be made, especially in January and February of 2011 when the departmentwill be hosting several external candidates for faculty positions in experimental economics. For thisreason, most experimental economics seminars for those two months are not yet scheduled.Prior to visits by outside speakers, we will meet to discuss the paper the speaker will present.Arrangements will be made via email; if you are enrolled in the seminar, please make sure I haveyour email address (you can send it to me at jduff[email protected]). We will typically meet on Thursdayafternoons just prior to a Friday seminar to go over the paper that will be presented (room to bedetermined). The discussion will be led by a different student each week.Participation: The success of this seminar depends on the participation of all who are involved.Your ACTIVE participation will make the seminar most useful to yourself as well as to the speakerswho take the time to come to Pitt.In addition to attending the seminar, students should sign up to meet for 1/2 hour with eachexternal speaker. This is a valuable networking opportunity that should not be missed. You candiscuss the speaker’s research or your own. You can easily arrange to include yourself on theseminar speaker’s schedule by using the on–line seminar organizer at the web address given above.1Date Speaker & Affiliation1/18/11†Daniela PuzzelloUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign3/04/11 Gabriele CameraPurdue University3/11/11 Spring Break3/18/11 Ryan OpreaUC Santa Cruz3/25/11 Imran RasulUCL4/01/11 Nathaniel WilcoxChapman University4/08/11 Kyle HyndmanSouthern Methodist University4/15/11 Jasmina ArifovicSimon Fraser University† Tuesday seminar date, 3:30-5:00pm, 4716 Posvar

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