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SPC MUSI 1301 - Music Fundamentals

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SYLLABUS MUSI 1301 - MUSIC FUNDAMENTALS Spring, 2010 Instructor: Jon Johnson Office: FA144 Phone: 894-9611, Ext. 2260 E-mail: [email protected] Office hours: MW - 10:00-11:00am TR – 9:30-11:00am, 1:00-2:00pm By appointment PURPOSE OF THE COURSE (1) To provide the student with preparatory skills for freshman level college music theory, specifically MUSI 1311 and MUSI 1216, or MUSC 1311 and MUSC 1313. (2) To satisfy degree requirements for Sound Technology majors and Video Technology Music Option majors. (3) To provide the student with knowledge of standard pitch and rhythm notation, major and minor scales and key signatures, and all qualities of intervals, triads, and seventh chords. (4) The student’s understanding of these topics will be regularly assessed through homework assignments, written exams, and computer assignments. REQUIRED MATERIALS: (1) Textbook package: The Music Kit by Tom Manoff (Includes two books and CDROM) (2) A notebook and notebook paper, five-line music staff paper, and a sharp #2 pencil. (3) You may use your own computer for computer assignments; please notify the instructor if you do not have computer access, and you will be accommodated. ATTENDANCE POLICY: (1) The student is expected to attend all class meeting and to be on time. (2) The student is responsible for obtaining any notes or assignments missed due to his or her being absent or tardy. (3) The following statements are from the college catalogue: "Whenever absences become excessive and, in the instructor's opinion, minimum course objectives cannot be met due to absences, the student should be withdrawn from the course. In addition, an instructor is required to notify the Office of Student Services when the student has missed every class day during any 14 consecutive calendar-day period, excluding holidays." "When an unavoidable reason for class absence arises, such as illness, an official trip authorized by the college, or an official [college] activity, the instructor may permit the student to make up work missed. It is the student's responsibility to complete work missed within a reasonable period of time as determined by the instructor" See below under "GRADING" for further information. If a student stops coming to class, the instructor will report it to the Office of Student Services as specified above, but the instructor will not drop you from the class. It willbe the student's responsibility to drop the class. Failure of the student to do this will result in the assignment of the grade of "F" at the end of the semester. GRADING: Homework (1) Written homework assignments are due at the beginning of the next class meeting after they are assigned. Any assignment submitted in ink or any assignment submitted on pages torn from the workbook will have an automatic 40 points deducted from the earned score. Any paper turned in with unreadable manuscript will be returned to the student to be completed again, and will be counted as a late paper. (2) Late work: Late homework will be accepted only the first class period after that specific assignment was due. If the assignment is not turned in on the due date or on the first class meeting following the due date, the student will receive a “0” for that assignment. (3) Students will not attempt to complete due homework during class, nor will they work on assignments for other classes. (4) The single lowest homework grade will be dropped when figuring the student's average. (5) Work which has obviously been shared between or among students will result in the grade of "0" (Zero) being given on that assignment to all students involved. Exams (1) There will be three exams scheduled during the semester, and a comprehensive final exam at the end of the semester. Exams may not be taken late except in the case of a legitimate emergency. The instructor must be notified in advance (at least two hours prior to the scheduled exam time). The student will provide documentation of the emergency when he or she returns to class. The final exam will be taken at the time specified in the college finals schedule. Under no circumstances will any student be allowed to take the final early. Computer Work: A computer disk is included with your textbook packet. This disk has exercise that will help you learn the material covered in class. You are very strongly urged to use these exercise as a learning tool. It will assist you greatly in learning what for many of you will be totally new and unfamiliar information. The instuctor will not check your use of the computer disk; however, if you do all of the computer exercises and would like that to be taken into consideration at the end of the semester, the instructor will look at what you have done and take that into consideration when calculating the final grade average. Final Grade Calculation The final grade will be calculated as follows: Written homework assignments 60% Three regular exams 30% Final Exam 10% The Effect of Attendance on the Final Grade Average It is impossible for me to adequately express to the importance of attendance in this class. For many (probably most) students this will be all new material. Missing even one class meeting has the potential of putting a student so far behind that he or she will be unable to "catch up" with the class. Therefore, attendance will effect the final grade dramatically as follows: 1 – 2 absences – no grade penalty 3 absences – exam average lowered one letter grade 4 absences – exam average lowered two letter grades5 absences – exam average lowered three letter grades 6 absences – exam average lowered four letter grades (i.e. an automatic “F”) Two tardies will be considered as one absence CLASSROOM DECORUM AND ETIQUETTE: (1) The instructor will treat all class members with respect and dignity. The instructor will expect reciprocal treatment from all members of the class. (2) All students will demonstrate the proper respect and courtesy for classmates. (3) Inappropriate behavior or disruption of the class in any way will not be tolerated, including talking or distracting movement,

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