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Microsoft Office Access 2007: Complete Concepts and Techniques; Authors: Gary B. Shelly, Thomas J. Cashman, Philip J. Pratt, Mary Z. Last ISBN: 978-1-4188-4340-3 © 2008USB Flash Drive (min. 256K)COURSE REQUIREMENTS:DATABASE MANAGEMENTBOTE 257—FALL 2007—3 CREDITSCOURSE OUTLINEINSTRUCTOR: Mrs. Diane R. KellerOFFICE: Thatcher 211PHONE: (701) 228-5453E-MAIL: [email protected]:NoneCLASS MEETS: MWF 9:00am - 9:50am; TH 214TEXT & SUPPLIES:Microsoft Office Access 2007: Complete Concepts and Techniques; Authors: Gary B. Shelly, Thomas J. Cashman, Philip J. Pratt, Mary Z. Last ISBN: 978-1-4188-4340-3 © 2008Microsoft Office Access 2007 CourseNotes ISBN: 978-1-4239-1249-1 © 2008USB Flash Drive (min. 256K)COURSE DESCRIPTION:This course gives students an opportunity to learn how to utilize database software. Including: report creation, database structures, queries, form development, complex reports, integration, managing database objects, creating macros, graphical reports and database maintenance. COURSE OBJECTIVES: To create and manage information using computer technology.(Meets general ed. Goal #3) To demonstrate the ability to organize, distribute and store information using database software. To demonstrate the ability to apply concepts learned to independent challenge problems. To demonstrate the ability to interpret and synthesize information resulting in problem solutions. To demonstrate a working knowledge of database software. To integrate database records with other business documents correctly and accurately.NATURE TECHNOLOGY, AND BEYOND“MSU Bottineau emphasizes nature, technology, and beyond as a focus for the unique blend of courses and programs offered here. As a way to study these three areas, this university emphasizes ten general education goals, one of which is listed below. The comment that follows comes from the statement of philosophy of general education on the school’s website: ‘The incorporation of these core areas into our programs constitutes our commitment to a philosophy which has as its purpose the application of knowledge, culture and educational discourse designed to familiarize students with a broad context of learning.’ The general education goal this class helps to develop is ‘To develop knowledge and application of technology.’”(Albrightson, 2007)COURSE OUTLINE:Creating and Using a DatabaseQuerying a DatabaseMaintaining a DatabaseIntegration Feature: Sharing Data Among ApplicationsCreating Reports and FormsMulti-Table FormsUsing Macros, Switchboards, PivotTables, and PivotChartsSQL Feature: Using SQL*Introduction to database modeling (additional material not discussed in textbook)COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Students are required to complete all class activities. Attendance is required. Quizzes and tests cannot be made up. Exceptions may apply when students are excused because of a school function or if an emergency arises. Arrangements must be made with the instructor prior to class time. Excused absences are handled on an individual basis. Assignments are due at the designated time, even if you were absent. Assignments handed in late will lose a letter grade for each day late. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. The work handed in must be your own. Bring a positive, cooperative attitude to class each day.METHODS OF INSTRUCTION & GRADING:Instructional procedures include lecture, daily assignments, objective and production tests.Grades will be determined from points accumulated from daily work (randomly), quizzes, assignments, tests and final project.92%=A 76%=C84%=B 68%=D BELOW

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