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ODU COMM 495 - Signature Strengths and Communication

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Paper #2 “Signature Strengths and Communication” 1. Head to the website: 2. Lon in. 3. C lick on the Test Center. 4. Click on and take the VIA Signature Strengths Survey. (There are 240 items and will take about 15 minutes). 5. Print your test results (for the 24 strengths). 6. Reflect on the results— what are your top VIA five signature strengths? What are your low ranked strengths? Any surprises? 7. Select one signature strength from your top five and: • Come to a deeper understanding of this strength by doing a little research about it. What is it? How is it defined? What have others learned about the strength? Use whatever sources you’d like for this, but try to find high quality, credible material (of course properly cite your work) • Connect the signature strength to communication in ONE of the following ways: i. write a fictional story featuring communication and the signature strength (e.g., you might write a children’s story about how the signature strength affects communication, or how the signature strength is communicated to others, or used to improve communication with others). Or ii. read a COMM scholarly journal article that is somehow related to the signature strength and write a report about the article. Or iii. Develop a mini-theory about communication and your signature strength and report the details of your theory. 8. Write up the paper using APA style in not more than five pages (not including title and reference pages). 9. The paper should include: • Title page (Give the paper a title) • A summary of results of your research about your signature strength. • Followed by either: a fictional story, article review, or mini-theory, that connects communication to your signature strength. • ReferencesAssessment—Good papers include the following qualities: complete, sufficiently detailed, expressed ideas clearly, properly cited their sources, are formatted according to requested guidelines, show insight into the topic(s), make use of resources beyond the minimum, and show efforts of

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