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Computer Science 388H - Fall 2009CryptographyInstructor: Brent WatersOffice: ACES 2.438E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 512-232-7464Class: MW 11-12:30 in Jester A218AOffice Hours: by appointmentCourse Objective This course reviews the foundations of Cryptography. Topics include: formalnotions of security, encryption, signatures, complexity assumptions, zero knowledge, and multi-party computation.Textbook The Textbooks for this course are “Introduction to Modern Cryptography” by Katzand Lindell and “Foundations of Cryptography Volume I” by Oded Goldreich. Not all materialcovered in class will be included in the textbooks.Grading Grading will be roughly distributed as follows. As the course progresses the instructormay make modifications to the weight distributions.Problem Sets (50%) There will be 3-5 problem sets assigned. Problem sets will emphasize bothclass learned in class as well as problem solving skills.Midterm (40 %) A midterm will be given approximately 2/3 through the course.Participation (10 %)Course Schedule The course will roughly follow the schedule below.IntroductionLecture 1: Class Overview, History of Encryption, Perfect Secrecy KL Ch. 1,2Number TheoryLecture 2: Number Theory I KL 7.1-7.3Lecture 3: Number Theory IILecture 4: Number Theory IIIPublic Key CryptographyLecture 5: Collision Resistant Hash Functions, DL Construction KL 4.6 , 7.4Lecture 6: Digital Signatures, GMR Definition, One-Time Signatures KL Ch. 12Lecture 7: Tree-Based Constructions KL Ch. 12Lecture 8: “Textbook RSA”, Full-Domain Hash RSA and the Random Oracle Model KLCh. 12Lecture 9: Definitions and Equivalences (GM) in Public Key Encryption KL 10.1,10.2Lecture 10: RSA Encryption KL 11.1Lecture 11: ElGamal Encryption and the DDH Assumption KL 10.5Foundational UnderpinningsLecture 12: One Way Functions and Permutations KL 6.1-6.2Lecture 13: Hard Core Predicates, Goldreich-Levin Theorem KL 6.3Building on FoundationsLecture 14: Pseudom Generators: Definitions, Construction KL 3.3, 6.4Lecture 15: Pseudorandom Functions, GGM Construction KL 6.5Symmetric Key Cryptography (from Foundations)Lecture 16: Symmetric Key Encryption, Construction from PRFs KL Ch. 3Lecture 17: MACs, Constructions from PRFs KL Ch. 4Lecture 18: Chosen Ciphertext Secure Encryption — Putting it together KL 4.8Lecture 19: Midterm ReviewClass MidtermZero Knowledge and ApplicationsLecture 20: Bit Commitment — Construction from PRGsLecture 21: Zero Knowledge ILecture 22: Zero Knowledge IINew TopicsLecture 23: Lossy Trapdoor FunctionsLecture 24: A Broader Look and

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