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U of U POLS 3030 - Syllabus

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Political Science 3030-060 State and Local Government Fall Semester 2007 Saturday 9:00 a.m. – Noon, Murray Cedar Park Center Instructor: H.H. Franco, Adjunct Faculty Office Hours: After every class, 12-12:30 p.m. Email: [email protected] (I’ll reply usually within 24 hours on weekdays.) Course Description POLS 3030- State and Local Government (3 credit hours) (This equals 3 hrs of class each week times 2 hours of study per class hour = 6 hours of study expected each week.) Politics, structure and activities of state and local governments, intergovernmental relations, legal and theoretical concerns, political processes, and administrative issues. (No prerequisite course required.) Welcome! This semester you will be introduced to the institutions, processes and politics of state and local government in the U.S. Course Objectives and Learning/Teaching Methods By taking this course, you will first, gain an in-depth understanding of state and local government institutions, issues, policies and history. You will learn this thru the readings, class lectures, class presentations & online lab discussions. You will be tested on this in three exams. This knowledge is invaluable for anyone working in state or local government or any citizen that wants to understand what is happening and why at their state capitol or city hall and make a difference. Second, your written student report gives you an overview of the actual workings of state & local government based on your interests. You will research the history, government organization, and budget of a state or local government job or policy. You can pick any state or local government job or policy to write on. Many students have used this assignment to find out what jobs they could actually work in after graduating. Some students have received job offers when doing their research. Make this report assignment work for you by picking a job or policy that really interests you. Course Requirements Every week you should: 1) attend class, take notes & participate with questions/comments. 2) check the syllabus for the weekly readings & assignments. 3) have 2-3 chapters of readings. Every week I will hold office hours after class. This is your chance to get any help! Every month there will be: 1) an exam or an assignment. (Both in October). Course Evaluation Methods These are the course assignments: -Group Presentation 5% of grade 25 pts -Student Report (8 pgs. on state/local gov. policy or job) Report Proposal Assignment (5% - 25 pts) Report (22% - 100 pts) 27% of grade 125 pts -Exam I 22% of grade 100 pts -Exam II 21% of grade 85 pts -Final 25% of grade 115 pts TOTAL PTS: 450 pts Total Pts %: 100-94% = A Grade; 93-90% = A-; 89-86%= B+; 85-83%=B; 82-80%=B-; 79-76%=C+; 75-73%=C; 72-70%=C-; 69-66%=D+; 65-63%=D; 62-60%=D+; 59%-Below=E Grade.Textbooks Dresang, Dennis L. and James J. Gosling. Politics and Policy in American States and Communities,6th ed. Pearson Education, Inc: USA 2008. [Referred to as Politics.] Rosenthal, Alan, et al. Republic on Trial: The Case for Representative Democracy. CQ Press, Washington, D.C.: 2003. [Referred to as Republic.] Course Outline Aug. 25 Politics, Ch. 1-2 & Republic, Ch. 1 **Sign-ups for groups presentations. Sep. 1 Politics, Ch. 3-4 & Republic, Ch. 2 **Start group presentations. Sep. 8 Politics, Ch. 5-6 & Republic, Ch. 3 Sep. 15 Politics, Ch. 7 & Republic, Ch. 6 Sep. 22 **Exam I Last half of class: Politics, Ch. 8 & 9 Sep. 29 Politics, Ch. 10 & Republic, Ch. 4 Oct. 6 Republic, Ch. 5 & 7 - **Report Proposal Due at first of class. (Email copies ok.) Oct. 13 Fall Break – no class. Oct. 20 Republic, Ch. 8, 9 & 10 Oct. 27 **Exam II Last half of class: Politics, Ch. 11 & 12 Nov. 3 Politics, Ch. 13 & 14 Nov. 10 Politics, Ch. 15 & 16 Nov. 17 Politics, Ch. 17 & 18 **Report Due at first of class. (Email copies ok). Nov. 24 Thanksgiving Holiday – no class. Dec. 1 Politics, Ch. 19 - Review for Final Friday, Dec. 7 - Classes End. Dec. 8 **Final – in class. Write on test. Dec. 27 Grades available online. ADA Accomodations: ( “The University of Utah seeks to provide equal access to its programs, services and activities for people with disabilities. If you will need accommodations in the class, reasonable prior notice needs to be given to the Center for Disability Services, 162 Union Building, 581-5020 (V/TDD). CDS will work with you and the instructor to make arrangements for accommodations.” Student and Faculty Responsibilities: ( ) “All students are expected to maintain professional behavior in the classroom setting, according to the Student Code, spelled out in the Student Handbook. Students have specific rights in the classroom as detailed in Article III of the Code. The Code also specifies proscribed conduct (Article XI) that involves cheating on tests, plagiarism, and/or collusion, as well as fraud, theft, etc. Students should read the Code carefully and know they are responsible for the content. According to Faculty Rules and Regulations, it is the faculty responsibility to enforce responsible classroom behaviors, and I will do so, beginning with verbal warnings and progressing to dismissal from and class and a failing grade. Students have the right to appeal such action to the Student Behavior

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