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ASSEMBLIES OF GOD THEOLOGICAL SEMINARYBHE 530 HEBREW-1AMay 8 – June 2, 200612:30 – 2:55 p.m.W.E. Nunnally, Ph.D.COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVESThis course is constructed to provide the student with a working knowledge of the basics ofbiblical Hebrew grammar and vocabulary, and to begin developing the ability to read andtranslate passages in the Old Testament.TEXTBOOKSRequired Text: Seow, C.L. A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew. Nashville: Abingdon, 1995.Recommended: Nunnally, W.E. Hebrew Dynamics: Color Coded Charts for Learning the VerbSystem. Springfield, MO: Privately Published, 2003.BASIC OUTLINEWEEK 1Mon 5/8 Introduction to course. Chapter 1. Seow, chapter 1Tues 5/9 Quiz on chapter 1. Chapter 2. Seow, chapter 2Wed 5/10 Quiz on chapter 2. Chapter 3. Seow, chapter 3Thur 5/11 Quiz on chapter 3. Chapter 4. Seow, chapter 4Fri 5/12 Quiz on chapter 4. Chapter 5. Seow, chapter 5WEEK 2Mon 5/15 Quiz on chapter 5. Chapter 6. Seow, chapter 6Tues 5/16 Quiz on chapter 6. Chapter 7. Seow, chapter 7Wed 5/17 Quiz on chapter 7. Chapter 8. Chapel. Seow, chapter 8Thurs 5/18 Chapter 8 continued.Fri 5/19 Quiz on chapter 8. Review.Take-home Mid-Term Test on chapters 1-8.BHE 530 Hebrew-IAWEEK 3Mon 5/22 Chapter 9. Seow, chapter 9Tues 5/23 Quiz on chapter 9. Chapter 10. Seow, chapter 10Wed 5/24 Quiz on chapter 10. Chapter 11. Seow, chapter 11Thurs 5/25 Quiz on chapter 11. Chapter 12. Seow, chapter 12Fri 5/26 Chapter 12 continued. Quiz on chapter 12.WEEK 4Mon 5/29 Memorial Day. – No classes Tues 5/30 Chapter 13. Seow, chapter 13Wed 5/31 Quiz on chapter 13. Chapter 14. Chapel. Seow, chapter 14Thur 6/1 Chapter 14 continued. Quiz on Seow, chapter 15chapter 14. Chapter 15.Fri 6/2 Chapter 15 continued. Quiz on chapter 15. Review for Final Exam. Take-home Final Exam.METHODOLOGYClass time will rotate between brief grammatical/contextual explanations, oral drilling,translation and analysis exercises.COURSE REQUIREMENTSSee “BASIC OUTLINE” above and “GRADING PROCEDURE” below.GRADING PROCEDUREThere will be 15 quizzes throughout the course of the semester. These quizzes will be worth45% of your semester grade, i.e., 3 percentage points each. A perfect score on a quiz will net you3 percentage points toward your semester grade. 50% correct will net you 1.5 points, and so on.Written homework will be assigned for each of the 15 chapters covered (15% of final grade).These exercises will be handed in and graded on the basis of completeness, effort, and clarity.Each of these assignments is worth one point.The mid-term will be worth 20% and the final exam will be worth 20% of the final grade.2BHE 530 Hebrew-IAAll quizzes and tests are to be taken on the day assigned unless otherwise pre-arranged.Unauthorized make-ups will result in the subtraction of a letter-grade's worth of points.Class participation, attendance, punctuality, and attitude will be taken into consideration whenthe number grade lies on the border between 2 letter-grades.Grade Scale: A, 100-94; A-, 93-90; B+, 89-87; B, 86-84; B-, 83-80; C+, 79-77; C, 76-74; C-,73-70; D+, 69-67; D, 66-64; D-, 63-60; F, 59 or below.SPECIFIC DATASyllabus prepared by W.E. Nunnally, Ph.D. on March 2,

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