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TitleThe Course HomepageHomepageSlide 4TextbookSlide 6Math 115b FilesMath 115b FilesCourse PoliciesCourse PoliciesCourse PoliciesCourse PoliciesCourse PoliciesCourse PoliciesCourse PoliciesSyllabusSyllabusSyllabusGraded HomeworkBlankThe Course HomepageTextbook InformationMath 115b FilesCourse PoliciesSyllabusHomeworkTitleDepartment of MathematicsUniversity of ArizonaTo AccompanyMathematics for Business Decisions, Part 2Release 1.5, 2007Business Mathematics IIon the projectsMath 115bSummerSession I2008The Course HomepageThe Course HomepageThe Course HomepageMost of your course information for Math 115b, Business Mathematics II, will come from the Course Homepage. You can access this web site at by clicking on any Course Homepage box.What is on the Course Homepage? Here is a partial list.  General information about Business Mathematics I and II. Readiness exercises to let you know if you have the necessary computer skills for the course. Current course announcements. Be in the know! Check this regularly.Course HomepageMenu(material continues)Homepage Study guides and their solutions. Policies, team assignments, and project information; provided by the instructor of your individual section of Math 115b.The last item is of particular importance. Each section of Business Mathematics II has its own page on the course web site. Your instructor will use this to keep you informed about activities in your own section.Explore the Course Homepage now and check it regularly during the semester.Course HomepageThe Course Homepage: page 2The Course Homepage: page 2Menu(material ends)MenuCourse HomepageTextbook InformationTextbook InformationTextbook InformationMATHEMATICS FOR BUSINESS DECISIONSPART 2Math 115b uses the electronic text Mathematics for Business Decisions, Part 2, Release 1.5, by Richard Thompson and Christopher Lamoureux. The material consists of a set of PowerPoint, Excel and Word files, along with many links to streaming video and internet sites.To obtain the e-text, go to the D2L site for your section of the course and click on MBD Part 1a in the blue navigation bar. Then follow the on-screen directions for downloading and unzipping the files. The main content of Mathematics For Business Decisions, Part 2 is in three PowerPoint files MBD Part 2.ppt, MBD 2 Proj 1.ppt, and MBD 2 Proj 2.ppt. These, and all other instructional files, are located in the folder MBD 2 Course Files. MBD Part 2.ppt is the starting point for study of the(material continues)TextbookTextbook Information: page 2Textbook Information: page 2Course HomepageMenumaterial. It contains information about the course and its project structure. There is also an extensive section on how to use the electronic text effectively, and a self-grading test over the necessary prerequisite computer skills. All parts of the file may be accessed from links in its Table of Contents, or located with its electronic Index.SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSMathematics For Business Decisions, Part 2 will run on PC's with Windows 98 or higher; and Excel, PowerPoint, and Word from Microsoft Office Suite 2000 or higher. It is not designed to run on the Macintosh platform. Some people have found that the course files run acceptably on Macintosh computers, others have had major problems with that operating system. Use the texts on Macintosh systems at your own risk.(material continues)COPYRIGHTThe text Mathematics for Business Decisions, Part 2 is copyrighted by the Arizona Board of Regents for the University of Arizona and is published by the Mathematical Association of America. Any copying of the individual e-text files for use by another individual is a violation of this copyright.For more information on the e-text visit its web site HomepageTextbookTextbook Information: page 3Textbook Information: page 3(material ends)Math 115b FilesMath 115b FilesMath 115b FilesIn addition to the e-text, Mathematics for Business Decisions, Part 2, you will use a set of files that apply specifically to Math 115b at the University of Arizona. Your individual instructor may also create files for you to download or copy. These will contain information that applies only to your section of the course.To download the Math 115b Files, go to the Course Homepage and click on Business Mathematics II in "Business Mathematics II: COURSE INFORMATION", then click on FILES in "Download FILES for Math 115b at the University of Arizona." The download will be a zipped file, Save this in a folder or on the Desktop and then double click on the file to Expand the full set of Math 115b files.MenuCourse Homepage(material continues)Math 115b FilesMath 115b Files: page 2Math 115b Files: page 2The following files are needed for Math 115b at the University of Arizona.Course HomepageMenuPowerPoint UA Bus Math II.pptxWord Objectives and Structure.docx Integrity Policy.docx Team Contract.docx(material ends)Summer Session I, 2008The following items apply to all sections of Math 115b at the University of Arizona. Office hours, assignments, final examination locations, and other matters that apply to individual sections of the course are listed under instructors’ pages in the Course Homepage.Objectives and Structure. Business Mathematics II is specifically designed to prepare students for subsequent work in their business majors and for their future careers in the business community. To read a full statement of the course objectives, click on Objectives and Structure.Course PoliciesCourse PoliciesCourse PoliciesMenu(material continues)Course HomepageCourse PoliciesCourse Policies: page 2Course Policies: page 2Course Homepage MenuPrerequisite. Successful completion of Business Mathematics I (Math 115a).Text. Mathematics for Business Decisions, Part 2, Release 1.5, 2007, by Thompson and Lamoureux, Mathematical Association of America. Course Materials Needed. (i) Textbook. (ii) Math 115b Files. (iii) A USB mass storage device or blank CD-R's or CD-RW’s, as needed for reports and homework. (iv) Scientific or graphing calculator. Calculators that perform symbolic manipulations (such as the TI-89 or TI-92) are not permitted.Turnitin. You will be required to have or create a Turnitin user profile and to join the Turnitin class created for your section of Business Mathematics II. Your instructor will provide

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