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DeSales CR 504 - CR 504 Syllabus

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1 DeSales University CR504 - Marketing Management COURSE DESCRIPTION A understanding of the application of marketing theories, concepts, and practices as they relate to the management of the marketing function in a complex organization. Emphasis will be on the managerial aspects of marketing plans, including analysis of the external environment. A key element of the course will include the relationship of the "marketing mix" to strategic planning. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: You are to: 1. Learn the fundamentals of implementing the marketing function in organizations, 2. Evaluate the social, legal, political and ethical concerns in marketing, 3. Understand the function of marketing in a competitive, dynamic global business, 3. Develop effective strategic and marketing analysis skills, 4. Enhance computer-based skills including on-line activities, written and oral communication, and information analysis, 5. Make a value-added contribution to your class team, 6. Demonstrate an individual capability for meeting professional standards of conduct, quality, and skill, and 7. Build the skill base needed to complete the MBA degree. Student learning outcomes are assessed through a combination of class discussion, marketing projects, and quizzes. Quiz questions are directly tied to learning outcomes for each book chapter and associated lecture slides. COURSE STRUCTURE CR504 prepares you in the fundamentals of managing the marketing function within organizations. The course is designed to give you both the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to identify, analyze and solve marketing problems. You will acquire the requisite knowledge through lectures, case studies, and various applied exercises and other assignments. There are four quizzes. Make-up quizzes are not possible.2RESOURCES Kotler/Keller, Marketing Management, 12th ed., Prentice Hall. You are expected to keep up to date on current issues in Marketing from Business Week, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. We will have discussions on key events in marketing regularly through the class. This course is supported by a bulletin board on the DeSales Blackboard server. You can find it at: Case write-ups and supporting material, lecture PowerPoint Slides and this syllabus are found on the bulletin board of the Blackboard (BB) web page for the course. SAMPLE GLOBAL MARKETING AND CONSULTING Welcome to Global Marketing and Consulting (GMAC). We are a large international consulting firm that provides client services around the world. You have been assigned to a team formed from participants in our training program. During this program you are to learn the fundamentals of marketing management in order to apply them effectively with our client base. As such, we have prepared a set of projects that simulate problems we encounter serving our client base. You and other members of your team are responsible for completing these consulting projects. Like many consultants you will need to learn how to meet your clients needs in situations you have not encountered before. All team deliverables are to be submitted to BB server with a cover sheet with the project title, submission date, team name and number, and the name of each team member. Under the appropriate Assignment folder. Project Deliverables Quizzes - Individual (100 points) DUE: See Schedule In order to assess staff competency in marketing theory and practice, four quizzes have been scheduled. They are designed to assess your comprehension of the principles of marketing as outlined in the learning objectives that are presented at the start of each meeting. The quiz format will be short-essay questions. Each quiz will be based upon the chapter learning objectives, and the Applications section at the end of each chapter. Learning objectives from the text are the questions found on the first page of each chapter. Quiz questions are application oriented. In-class Minicases (30 points) Due: As Announced We will have a number of short minicases taken from recent articles in the business press. You and your team will prepare a handwritten solution in class prior to class discussion of these cases. They will be worth up to 4 points each. Please put your team number and all participating3team member names on the sheets submitted. If a team member is not in class at the time, do not put their name on the sheet. Project 1 - Aesculap SUSI Strategy: Team (40 points) DUE: Week 3 Refer to the Aesculap document on BB for information and directions. You will find supporting materials on the BB server. The maximum fee you can earn for this project is 40 points depending on the marketing, strategic and cost effectiveness of your recommendations. The points will be divided equally between your written Executive Summary and your presentation. Project 2 – BMW Branding Problem Team (50 points) DUE: Week 8 Your managing partner has just received an urgent request from BMW. They want to know whether they should launch a new type of vehicle based upon a car-motorcycle developed in Europe called the Clever. You are to make a recommendation as to whether they should develop such a vehicle. You are to recommend a branding strategy for the vehicle whether you think they should launch it or not. You will find supporting materials on the BB server. Your maximum fee will be 50 points [Report (20) Presentation (30)] Project 3 - New Product Development Exercise – Team (70 points) DUE: Week 11 As part of your training, you are to prepare a proposal for a new product or service. The proposal is a request for funding a marketing program to launch this new product or service. Details for this assignment are found on the BB server. The maximum fee you can earn for this project is 70 points depending on its feasibility and risk/return profile. The points will be divided equally between your written proposal and your proposal presentation. ALL presentations must be accompanied by one copy of a printed handout submitted to Professor Buss and any external guests for each presentation. Handouts are to be printed in “Pure Black and White” not color with three slides to a page. Your clients are hard negotiators and these projects are of critical operational importance to them. They negotiated a clause calling for a 10% reduction in your maximum fee for each day a written deliverable is late.

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