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CSE 127: Computer Security Autumn 2008Course Overview and SyllabusThursday, September 25th, 2008.Course InfoWebsite: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30–4:50 pm, EBU 3B 2154Section: Wednesday, 10:00–10:50 am, WLH 2111Final exam: Monday, December 8th, 3:00–6:00 pm, room TBA.StaffInstructor: Hovav Shacham Teaching Assistant: Todor RistovOffice: EBU 3B 3124 Office: EBU 3B 4242Phone: (858) 822–7921 Phone: (858) 534–8833E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] hours: Wednesday, 4:00–6:00 pm Office hours: TBATentative SyllabusI. IntroductionII. Computer SecurityBuffer Overflows and Memory Safety — Sandboxing and Legacy Software — WritingSecure CodeIII. Network SecurityThe TCP/IP Protocol Suite — Firewalls and NATs — Intrusion Detection and Denialof Service — SSH, SSL, and IPsecIV. Application SecurityWeb Browser Security — Website Security — Spam and Phishing — Worms and BotnetsV. Topics in “Classic” Information SecurityAuthentication — Covert Channels — Access Control and the Common CriteriaVI. New and Advanced TopicsPer class interest. Sample topics: voting; DRM; trusted computing.Textbook InformationInstead of a textbook, we will read research papers. These will be posted to the courseWebsite ahead of each lecture.Assignments and GradingThere will be two written homework assignments and two programming projects. Eachprogramming project will be in two parts, with the second part due one week after the first.There will be an in-class, closed-book midterm and an in-class, closed-book, comprehen-sive final exam.The homework will count for 30% of the final grade. The programming projects willcount for 40%. The midterm will count for 10% and the final exam for 20%. In addition, topass the class you must receive a passing grade on every component (homeworks, projects,and tests).Collaboration PolicyYou may discuss a homework assignment with one other person. You must write up yoursolutions separately. If you discussed the solutions with anyone, please note so on yoursolutions.You may work in pairs on programming projects. It is expected that both students ina pair contribute to each part of the project. No collaboration whatsoever is allowed onexams. You must not look at homework, programming project, or exam solutions fromprevious years.Late PolicyHomework assignments will be due at the beginning of class on the day they are due. Bothparts of each programming projects will be due at 11:59 pm on the day they are due.Each student will have a total of seven (7) twenty-four hour extensions (“late days”) forthe quarter. Late days can be used, in twenty-four hour quantums, on any homework orprogramming project due date.1For programming projects done in pairs, late days will becharged to both students in the pair. No additional extensions will be given for any reason.Once all late days have been used up, late assignments will not be accepted.Academic IntegrityStudents are expected to do their own work, as outlined in the UCSD Policy on Integrity ofScholarship: will not be tolerated, and any student who engages in forbidden conduct will besubjected to the disciplinary process. Cheaters will receive a failing grade on the assignment,the exam, or in the entire course. They may also be suspended from UCSD.1except as noted in advance, due to course time

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