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STEVENS MA 331 - MA 331 Syllabus - Introductory Statistics

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Math 331. Introductory StatisticsInstructor: Ionut FlorescuOffice: Kidde 227Phone: (201) 216-5452Email: [email protected] hours: TTh 11:00pm -12:00pm and by˜ifloresc/Teaching/2006-2007/index331.htmlThe purpose of MA331 is to acquaint you with the essential ideas andreasoning of applied statistics (data analysis, data production, inference) andwith statistical methods for various types of data.Required material(a) The textbook: ”Introduction to the practice of Statistics”, by D.Moore and G. McCabe, 4thedition, WH Freeman and Co, 2002,ISBN: 07167-9657-0.(b) Software textbo ok: ”Introductory Statistics with R”, by PeterDalgaard, Springer Verlag, 2004, ISBN: 03879-5475-9.(c) A scientific calculator (graphing calculator is ok but not neces-sary).(d) An activated Stevens computer account.(e) A stapler.ComputingWe will use R statistical software in this class. R resembles MATLAB inits approach, however it is designed specifically for statistical analysis. Data1sets, and other information will be available at the course Web site. See thegetting-r.pdf file on the website for a basic introduction and getting startedwith R. The second textbook provides great help with R functions. If youencounter problems with R code, you may email questions to me . Pleaseattach your programs with the e-mail.Note about use of EXCEL: An important goal of this class is to prepare thestudents to use statistical methods appropriately in a later course in their ma-jor field. Because we would not recommend the use of Excel for this purpose,we do not use it in MA331. Excel is very useful for a variety of basic purposesincluding the preparation of data sets for statistical analyses. However, thereare some serious deficiencies in this software. For more details about the de-ficiencies in Excel, see˜jcryer/JSMTalk2001.pdfAttendanceYou are expected to attend each class and to participate in the discussion. Ingeneral, students who attend class regularly perform much better than thosewho come only occasionally. This professor reserves the option of giving popquizzes, so you are taking a risk of losing additional points in addition tomissing important information.GradesThe final grade will be determined as follows:Assignments 30%Quizzes and Attendance 10 %Projects 1 and 2 30%Final Examination 30%Total 100%You should assume that the letter-grade cutoffs for this course are the typical90-100 for an A, 80-89 for a B, etc.AssignmentsHomework will be collected according to the posted schedule. The assign-ments will be posted on the course website. Each assignment is worth 20points. The assignment will be graded in part for completeness and in part a2few (not all) of the problems will be graded for correctness. Late homeworkwill not be accepted. Turning in homework early to my mailbox in the math-ematical sciences department office (Kidde Bldg.) no later than 1 hour beforeclass starts on the day the assignment is due is fine. You are encouraged todiscuss the homework assignments with other students, but you must writeup your work independently. You are expected to turn in complete solutions.This means SHOW YOUR WORK. One-line answers with no work attachedmay receive no credit depending on the problem. Please see the file on thewebsite entitled ”Collaboration and Group Work.” Homework is rarely ex-cused. If you must miss class due to a job interview or university-sponsoredactivity, you must turn in your assignment in advance to receive credit. OneHW score will be dropped at the end of the semester. If you have an excusedHW, this is the one which will be dropped.ProjectsAs part of the requirements for completion of this class students will haveto demonstrate the ability of using and applying material learned in classto real problems. Note that there is no Midterm examination listed for theclass.The first part of the Project has a deadline around the middle of thesemester and the second part will be due around the end of the semester (theexact dates to be announced later). A more formal description of the Projectwill be posted on the course website at a later date.Final ExamThe exam will be closed book/closed notes written examination. You will beallowed to bring pencils , a calculator, and ONE one-page cheatsheet (8 1/2”x 11”, handwritten, both sides). The date and time for the final exam willbe announced later. See the course website for review problems and otherexam information. You are expected to bring your student ID to the exam.3Make-up quizzes and examinationValid reasons for missing an examination include university documented ab-sence, illness, and/or a death in your family. Work is not a valid excuse. Ifyou must miss an examination, you must print off a ”Make-up Exam Form”from the course website, complete the form, and turn it in to me. Appro-priate documentation (university or doctor’s note, obituary, etc.) must bestapled to the make-up exam form. Failure to turn in the make-up exam formand documentation within 24 hours following the administration of an examwill result in a score of zero points for the examination. No examination willbe given earlier than the scheduled time. Only one make-up examinationtime will be scheduled following each regular

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