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Freitag, 15. JanuarFreitag, 19. FebruarMittwoch, 14. AprilSign up for oral exam!Sign up for oral exam!GERMAN 202 Intermediate German II, Spring 2010M-W-F, 11:30 - 12:20 in Alter 307Instructor: Dr. Irene Luken 910 Schott HallPhone and Voice Mail: [email protected] Secretary, Mrs. Rose: 745 - 3464Office Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday s 1:30 -2:45 or by appointment.Prerequisites: Successful completion of German 201 or placement asdetermined by departmental placement test and the coordinator, Dr. ComptonRequired text: Kaleidoskop, Moeller, et al, 7th edition (Kal.)Allerlei zum Lesen, Teichert and Teichert, 2nd edition, (A) -- comes packaged with listening comprehension cd’s. Course objectives:The primary goals of this course are to increase fluency and competency in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing while providing a grammar review on the intermediate level. The focus is on a communicative and proficiency-based approach while providing an in-depth exposure to the workings of German language and culture.Procedures and expectations:Each class participant should plan to spend a minimum of 1 1/2 to 2 hours between classmeetings on homework and review. Assignments listed in the syllabus will be collected on a daily basis. Late homework will be corrected, but no credit will be given. See DepartmentalAttendance Policy on the Department of Modern Languages web site for detailed information: may consist of any of the following:a. Written assignments from your text (Kal or A);b. Handouts, as needed;c. Computer exercises, as listed in the syllabus. The Kaleidoskop 7e companion website can be found at: link is for Chapter 6.) Each chapter has its own exercises that have to be completed independently and submitted to the instructor via e-mail. Attendance:One significant key to success in a course which moves at this pace is regular class attendance. This is a demanding skills course and the entire range of your language skills can beevaluated only if you are present. Attendance will be accurately documented to ensure fairness inenforcement. Please refer to the Departmental Attendance Policy for detailed information: are required to turn off their cell phones and other communication devices during the entire class period!Exams and quizzes:There will be five hour exams. Exams will be returned for discussion and correction. Written exam corrections must be made and turned in, and will add 2% to your total exam grade if turned in 100% correctly. Make-up exams will be given only under extraordinary circumstances that are beyond the students’ control, and are to be taken no later than one class day after the exam was given. Only one make-up exam can be requested per student. Quizzes are listed in the syllabus, but may also be given at the discretion of the instructor. There will be NO make-up quizzes, except under exceptional circumstances. There will be an oral and a written final exam.Evaluation: 50% Hour Exams20% Written Final 5% Oral Final10% Quizzes10% Homework 5% ParticipationPlease refer to the Departmental Grading Policy for more details: final word:We are here to help you learn. If you encounter problems, contact your instructor. An effort will be made to help you overcome difficulties and make this a productive and informative course. The Learning Assistance Center on the first floor of Kuhlman Hall also offers a tutorial service to students. Please contact LAC as soon as realize you are falling behind at: 745-3280 or dates:January 11 Monday Classes beginJanuary 18 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. HolidayMarch 1-5 Monday-Friday Spring BreakApril 1-5 Thursday-Monday Easter Vacation April 30 Friday Last day of classesMay 7 Friday WRITTEN FINAL EXAM, 10:30-12:20GERM 202--Spring 2010 Syllabus (Subject to change at instructor’s discretion!)Montag, 11. JanuarIn class: Introduction to course and policies. Begin A 20-25, "Die drei dunklen Könige".Homework for next class: Read A "Drei Könige". Write A 21B. Write a six to eight sentence summary (auf deutsch!) of the short story. Study Wortschatz, A 20 for possible quiz!Mittwoch, 13. JanuarIn class: Review "Drei Könige". Review 2-way prepositions, Kal 310-315. Kal 313-314 A and B. Time expressions, Kal 6.6.Da- und wo-compounds, Kal 6.7.-6.8.Homework for next class: Write Kal, 316 D + 318 G. Da- und wo-compounds hand-out. Review the genitive case Kal 318-322 (particularly the genitive prepositions)Freitag, 15. JanuarIn class: Review the genitive case Kal 318-322 (particularly the genitive prepositions), exercises. Indefinite time expressions and special expressions, Kal 323. Introduction to "Anekdote zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral", A 112.Homework for next class: Write Kal 322-323 J, K, L. Prepare Kal 324-325 M. Read “Arbeitsmoral”, A 118-120.Montag, 18. Januar Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday – Feiertag!Mittwoch, 20. JanuarIn class: Kal 324-325 M. "Anekdote zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral", A 118-120. Review simple past.Homework for next class: Read "Arbeitsmoral". Write A 114A. Handout for "Arbeitsmoral", A and B. Review simple past forms in the appendix. Study Wortschatz, A 113 for possible quiz!Freitag, 22. JanuarIn class: Review and complete "Arbeitsmoral". Subjunctive mood: Kal 340-343 (8.1-8.6) and 350 (8.14). Homework for next class: Kal 35352 H, I, J,; handout for subjunctives II. Study subjunctive forms on R10-R11 (anfangen-fliegen).Montag, 25. JanuarIn class: Review subjunctive mood. Past time subjunctive mood. Homework for next class: Study subjunctive forms for QUIZ. Write a six to eight sentence summary of the short story “Arbeitsmoral” (auf deutsch) from the perspective of the fisherman. Write Kal 347-348 F; handout for past-time subjunctive. Study subjunctive forms on R10-R11 (fliehen-helfen).Mittwoch, 27. JanuarIn class: Review subjunctive mood. Past time subjunctive mood.Homework for next class: Study subjunctive forms in Appendix R10-R12. Write handout on subjunctive forms. Study subjunctive forms on R10-R11 (kennen-schwimmen).Freitag, 29. Januar In

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