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Syllabus SupplementInstructor DetailsName : Sankha S. BasuEmail : [email protected] : 402 McAllister BuildingClass DetailsSection : 009Location : 108 SacketTime : M W F 1:25P - 2:15PEmail PolicyI will reply to your emails within 24 hours during the week, and by Monday morning for anyemails sent during the weekend.TextCourse Compass Student Access Code for College Algebra by Trigsted. The access codealong with the proper course id gives you access to an electronic version of the text inMyMathLab.Course Id: hair08748*Note: You need to purchase an access code, in addition to the above course id.Class NotesClass Notes will be posted on the following course web-pages. You are expected to havethem with you in class during lectures.Course,andAngelOffice hoursMondays 3:00P - 4:30P at 7 Sparks. Other hours by appointment at 402 McAllister. Sendme an email to set up one.Help for Math 21 is also available throughout the week at 7 Sparks. A detailed schedule isavailable on the course web-pages.Other ResourcesFree mathematics tutoring is available at Penn State Learning located in 220 Boucke Build-ing. For additional help, a (paid) tutors list maintained by the Mathematics DepartmentUndergraduate Office is available.Penn State University, University Park Page 1Math 021 College Algebra I Fall 2011GradesYour course grade will be determined by your exam, homework, and quiz scores (totalpossible points = 450). There is no extra credit work.HomeworkOnline through MyMathLab. Homework will count for a total of 50 points.QuizzesWritten quizzes, each worth 10 points, will be given in class roughly every week on Wednes-days. There are no makeup quizzes. All quizzes will be counted for a total of 50 points.ExamsThere will be 2 midterm exams, each worth 100 points, on Monday, September 26 andTuesday, October 25. A comprehensive final exam, worth 150 points, will be given duringthe final exam period (December 12-16). Refer to the course syllabus for more details aboutthe exams.AttendanceYou are expected to be in class! If circumstances cause you to miss, YOU are responsiblefor material due, concepts covered, and assignments given!Other comments and advice• Calculators may be used while doing your homework, but are not allowed in quizzesand exams. So, practice not to be dependent on them for speed and accuracy on examsand quizzes.• Arrive to class on time. If you have a long walk between classes, let me know at thebeginning of the semester.• While in class:- Do not talk during a lecture, or while other people are talking. Show respect foryour classmates.- Do not use cellphones.- Do not read newspapers.- Do not get up and leave during a lecture, unless in an emergency.Math is definitely not funny, but can be a lot of fun with patience and practice.Penn State University, University Park Page

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