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Syllabus: Women Across Cultures: A Global Perspective”” ASB 211/Spring 2012 Syllabus Glendale Community College Instructor: Dr. Ibrahim Naim Classroom Location: HU-101 Office Hours: By appointment!!! Phone: 623-845-3097 E-Mail: [email protected] Textbooks: “Women Across Cultures: A Global Perspective”, 3rd Edition By Shawn Meghan Burn (Optional) Overview: In this class you will do a cross analysis of the economic, social, political and religious factors that affect women’s status in traditional and modern societies. Prerequisites: None. Grading: The grade for this class will be based on the following criteria: a. Attendance: (100 points) All students are expected to come to every class session ON time, and remain the entire class period. Attendance will be taken daily. Each student will receive 10 points for every class attended, for a total of 100 possible points. Students with perfect attendance will receive 25 extra points at the end of the semester. A total of 2 absences will result in the loss of 25 points from your overall total; and 3 absences will result in the loss of 50 points from your overall total attendance points. Every absence after the 3rd one will result in the loss of 10 points each. Attendance Policy: Attendance will be taken every class period, as it will be counted as part of your total points for the class. You are encouraged to attend class regularly, as materials will not be repeated and some topics will be covered in class that are not in your textbook or notes. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to inform me of your absence, and to obtain notes for the missed class from a classmate. I will not repeat the contents of the entire lecture. b. Participation: Students are expected to be ready for class by reading assigned materials and being ready to participate in class discussions. The success of this class depends to a very great extent on your participation. In other words, I want to discuss the topics, ideas, readings, movies, and videos with you. If you are not comfortable talking in class, or you missed an appropriate moment to bring up a point, give me a written question or comment after class and I will respond to it at the beginning of the next class. c. In-class Presentation or Research Paper (100 points each): Students are expected to give a short 15-minute presentation or write a research paper about one aspect of Women Across Cultures that is of interest to them, and that has not been discussed in details in class. Students will sign up for their presentation or paper and must stick to their choice.I. Presentation requirements: *Your presentation should be about 15 minutes in length. *The topic of the presentation must be approved by the instructor. *On a topic/concept/culture NOT discussed in class. *You may use photos, slides, articles and “short” videos (MAX. of 5 minutes.) *Provide outline of the presentation to the professor on the day of the presentation. *Remember to speak SLOWLY and LOUDLY enough to be heard by all. *Must present on date signed up for. *May present with another student if interested in the same topic. II. Paper requirements: * The topic of the presentation or research paper must be approved by the instructor. *Must be at least 6-pages long. *On a topic/concept/culture NOT discussed in class. *MLA or AP style. *The Deadline to turn in the paper will be Thursday, April 19th. *Late papers will lose 10 points for every class it is late. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Possible Topics: Female Genital Mutilation; Women Leaders Throughout History; Women in Politics in modern History; Arranging a Marriage in India; The Evolution of Women’s rights in the USA; The International Women’s Conference; Women and Military Service; Roe VS Wade; Women and Education; Human Trafficking; Female Infanticide; Domestic Violence; Women and War; Family Planning and Religion; Women and Contraception; Women and AIDS; Sexual Orientation and its effect on the Family; Women and the Glass Ceiling; Women and Globalization; Women and Sexual Harassment; Women and the Workforce; Stay-At-Home Mothers VS Career Mothers; Single Parent Families. d. Exams: There will be 3 standard exams, each worth 100 points. The third exam will be the Final Exam. All exams will include multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, and short essay questions. Questions will be based on lecture material, class discussions, videos and readings. e. Discussions: there will be a total of 10 discussion sessions (10 points each) worth a total of 100. Students will be divided into groups of 4-6 students. Discussion questions will be provided to groups, and they will report on their discussion results during each class session. f. Activities: there will be a total of 10 required activities (20 points each) worth a total of 200 points. Students will be assigned individual activities and they will turn in a typed 2 page typed, double-spaced report on their results. Make-Ups: You are strongly encouraged to take all exams during their scheduled times. Make-up exams are only given in very special circumstances. If you will miss an exam, you need to contact me ON THE DAY OF THE EXAM and inform me of your plans. IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT ME ON THE DAY OF THE EXAM, YOUR GRADE WILL BE LOWERED BY 10 POINTS FOR EACH DAY YOU WAIT.There will be a total of 800 possible points for this class: Exams: 300 points + Presentation or Research Paper: 100 points + Attendance: 100 points+ 100 points weekly discussions + 200 points for weekly activities. The grading scale is as follows: A: 720-800 points B: 640-719 points C: 560-629 points D: 540-559 points F: 0 -439 points Cheating/Plagiarism/Conduct: ANY and ALL issues dealing with these items will be dealt with according to the most current student handbook policies. Withdrawal/Failure: During the first week of classes, I will drop students who do not attend, as others may be waiting to enroll. After the first week of classes, YOU are responsible for your class status. If you wish to drop, you will need to turn in a withdrawal slip at the office of Admissions and Records. When the process is completed, you will receive a grade of “W” for the semester. Special Accommodations: If you need any special accommodations in order to be able to fully participate in class, please contact the Office of

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