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FRENCH 2002: INTERMEDIATE FRENCH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE II Students are responsible for downloading syllabi at the beginning of each semester Program Description: The General Education Program at KSU offers a common academic experience for all its students. In a series of interrelated courses in the liberal arts and sciences, it provides the opportunity for them to acquire the intellectual skills and knowledge characteristic of educated persons. Thus, it lays the foundation for success in their academic, professional, and personal lives. Whereas the major program contributes to a college education depth in a designated specialization, the General Education Program provides breadth by introducing and connecting a variety of disciplines. Program Goals: The General Education Program at KSU has five goals. During the course of the program, students should achieve the following: develop productive habits of mind develop effective communication skills expand knowledge and understanding expand creative capabilities exhibit understanding of the impact of ethical and aesthetic values CATALOG DESCRIPTION Intermediate French Language and Culture II. 3-0-3. Prerequisite: Three years of high school French or FRENCH 2001 or the equivalent. Students continue to increase linguistic and cultural proficiency through the use of a variety of materials and activities. Course will serve as a transition between intermediate and upper-level courses in French. Not open to native speakers of French.DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES Spring 2009 FRENCH 2002 Intermediate French Language and Culture II Instructor: Office hours: Office: E-mail: Office Ph.: Required texts: + Cherie Mitschke. Imaginez: le français sans frontières. Boston: Vista, 2008. (Web site: + Supersite Access Code (already included in the new book). If a used book is purchased, students will have to buy a new supersite code at the KSU bookstore or at Note: This book will be used for the French 3303: grammar and composition Contacts: Étudiant No 1: Nom Tél. _________________________ Courrier électronique: ________________________________________________________ Étudiant No 2: Nom Tél. _________________________ Courrier électronique: ________________________________________________________GENERAL EXPECTATIONS and POLICIES Students are expected to attend all classes and are expected to arrive on time and to remain in class for the entire seventy-five minutes. There are no "excused" absences; for each absence in excess of two, two points will be deducted from the student's final grade average. In other words, a student may miss two class meetings without penalty. If a student is habitually late, the instructor reserves the right to determine if a tardy constitutes an absence. Classes will start on time. If for some reason you find it necessary to arrive late, you will be responsible for all information, including announcements or changes to the syllabus, etc., made during your absence. If you are absent for the entire class period, you are also responsible for all assignments and other announcements made during the class meeting. You are, therefore, strongly advised to ask another student for his/her email address and telephone number. Class time will be used to develop all four basic skills (listening comprehension, speaking, reading comprehension, and writing) and culture. However, a special emphasis will be put on speaking. You are expected to study and practice at home as part of your daily preparation. Tutors are also available in the Foreign Language Resource Center (Pilcher Bldg) at no charge to the student. All assignments, whether written or oral, are to be finished by the time class begins. No late homework will be accepted. Emergencies will be handled on an individual basis. Failure to take the final exam at the time, date and place scheduled will result in a final grade of "F." Exceptions to this policy must be requested in writing by the student, endorsed in writing by the instructor, and approved, in writing, by Department Chair. Requests must be submitted two weeks prior to the end of the current semester. No make-up tests or assignments will be given. A grade of "0" will be assigned for all work not turned in or any tests not taken. Emergencies will be handled on an individual basis. Turn OFF all cell phones, beepers, pagers and any other potentially disruptive noise makers when you arrive in class. Academic honesty. Every KSU student is responsible for upholding the provisions of the Student Code of Conduct, as published in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs. Section II of the Student Code of Conduct addresses the University's policy on academic honesty, including provisions regarding plagiarism and cheating, unauthorized access to University materials, misrepresentation/ falsification of University records or academic work, malicious removal, retention, or destruction of library materials, malicious/intentional misuse of computer facilities and/or services, and misuse of student identification cards. Incidents of alleged academic misconduct will be handled through the established procedures of the University Judiciary Program, which includes either an "informal" resolution by a faculty member, resulting in a grade adjustment (F), or a formal hearing procedure, which may subject a student to the Code of Conduct's minimum one semester suspension requirement. The Department of Foreign Languages at Kennesaw State University considers it a breach of academic integrity for the student to use automatic translators of any kind to complete an assignment. Furthermore, no compositions or other work should be written for the student by a native speaker of the target language, by a tutor or student assistant in the Foreign Language Resource Center, or by any other individual. Disability policy. Kennesaw State University provides program accessibility and reasonable

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