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Cedar Crest ART 227 - ART 227 Course Description:

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ART 227 Sculpture Studio – Spring 2009 Monday 1-3:30 Cedar Crest College Jill Odegaard - Alumnae Hall Rm 104 Phone- 610) 606-4666 ext. 3347 Office Hours: Tuesday 1-2, Thursday 1-2 or by appt. Email- [email protected] I. Course Description: This course serves as an introduction to sculptural techniques and materials. Students will explore elements and principles of three-dimensional design as a vehicle for communicating their ideas. The use and practice of design principles will be emphasized as a means of discussing and relating to the work created. II. Course Objective: Upon successful completion of this course, the student will demonstrate competence in the following sculptural skills: A. Understanding of the basic tools and equipment used for the manipulation of the chosen materials B. Understanding of basic properties inherent in the chosen materials C. Use creativity and aesthetic judgment in producing sculptural forms D. Consideration for the impact presentation has on the success or failure of a work. E. To critically examine works on the basis of their sculptural merit. F. Understand and practice safe and considerate studio procedures III. Course Method: Method of instruction includes lectures, slide presentations, class discussion, and studio demonstrations, in progress and finished work critiques. IV. Grading and Evaluation: Students will be evaluated based on their participation in class discussion and critique, their involvement with each project and their overall development throughout the semester. The nature of this course is to immerse the student in new ways of looking, questioning and responding to the world around them and to explore ways in which to visually communicate their perceptions. Being that this course is about exploration the final outcome is often times not the most valuable component, it is the means in which the student arrives at the final outcome – how much of themselves they have invested in the process that is of greatest value. There will be four projects assigned throughout the semester, each project will be graded on a 40 pt. scale. The following criteria will determine your grade. Fulfillment of Requirement 10pt Development of Idea 10pt Craftsmanship 10pt Creativity 10pt Projects (4) 160pt Sketch book 40pt Total 200ptA = Excellent – student takes risks and goes beyond the basic requirements of the project, professionally presents project, experiments with possible outcomes and sincerely explores and challenges their personal potential B = Good - student fulfills the basic requirements of the project and challenges their personal potential C = Average – student fulfills the basic requirements of the project D = below Average – student does not fulfill the basic requirements of the project F = not acceptable – failure to complete the project IV. Policy for class attendance: Attendance is mandatory! After 3 absences your grade will be lowered by one letter grade. Four absences equals a failing grade. An Absence is an absence regardless if you phone or email ahead of the scheduled class time. Tardiness should be avoided. Being late on three occasions constitutes as an absence. All assignments must be submitted when they are due. Late assignments will be penalized one grade level. Work submitted more than one week beyond the due date will not be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made between the student and the instructor. V. Classroom conduct: Appropriate classroom behavior is implicit in the Cedar Crest Honor Code. Such behavior is defined and guided by complete protection for the rights of all students and faculty to a courteous, respectful classroom environment. That environment is free from distractions such as late arrivals, early departures, inappropriate conversations and any other behaviors that might disrupt instruction and/or compromise students’ access to their Cedar Crest College education. VI. Honor Philosophy: The Cedar Crest College Honor Philosophy is based upon the principle that, as a self-governing body, students have the ability to create an atmosphere of trust and support. Within this environment, individuals are empowered to make their own decisions, develop personal regard for the system under which they live, and achieve a sense of integrity and judgment that will guide them through life. VII. Materials List: each student is required to provide their own 5 gallon bucket for mixing plaster Sketchbook or notebook and pencil Most materials will be supplied by the dept. Expect to get messy in this class, wear old clothing or bring in an apron to keep in the studio.Grading guidelines Each project will be evaluated on 4 criteria, each criteria is worth 5 points with an overall total for each project being 20pts. The final project is worth 100pts. Fulfillment of Requirement 5pts Craftsmanship 5pts Development of Idea 5pts Creativity 5pts Total points % 20 100 19.5 98 19 95 18.5 93 18 90 17.5 88 17 85 16.5 83 16 80 15.5 78 15 75 14.5 73 14 70 13.5 68 13 65 12.5 63 12 60 Overall grading scale 100 A 90 B 80 C 70 D 60 FSpring 2009– tentative schedule Since this course meets just once a week, it is essential that you attend each class session and make use of the 2 ½ hours allotted as the class meeting time. Expect to be in the studio outside of class time hours so we can proceed with each project as a group. The nature of this course is based on process – learning new materials and techniques – one thing builds on the next. January 19 introduction to course and studio Introduction Project #1 Relief Sculpture– “from 2D to 3D” slide presentation Assignment – Relief Sculpture and readings sketches/viewfinder– minimum 10 compositions research artists – record in sketchbook (5 minimum - one internet reference allowed) January 26 critique images and begin clay work Assignment – work on clay relief February 2 Project #1 finalize clay work Plaster mixing demo/make plaster mold (Plaster mold complete by Feb 8th) Introduce Project #2 – Carving /Closed Form Project Slide presentation pour

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