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VCCS HRI 257 - Catering Management

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1Initiating Date Prepared: 15 September 1998 Division Chair* 2Lead Division Chair 3Division Chair COURSE OUTLINE New X Revised Effective Date: Fall 1998 1. COURSE PREFIX NUMBER: HRI 257 CREDIT HOURS: 3 2. COURSE TITLE: Catering Management 3. PREREQUISITES: None 4. COURSE DESCRIPTION: Studies special functions in the hospitality industry. Presents lecture and demonstration in banquet layout, menus, services, sales, and supervision. Lecture 3 hours per week. 5. CONTENT: (Major Headings) a. Presents operational and managerial concerns for the catering professional. Discusses marketing, sales techniques, banquet office recordkeeping, operations logistics, function planning and execution and guest satisfaction assurance. 6. GENERAL COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to a. Establish and maintain accurate filing and posting systems for past, tentative, and upcoming events. b. Identify and call on past and prospective clients to solicit bookings for banquet functions. c. Negotiate prices with clients, draw up contracts and secures clients' signature. d. Prepare arrangements with clients for functions that are booked in person, via the telephone, or through correspondence. Obtain all pertinent information concerning the event, such as the size of the party, menu, and schedule of events, which is then entered onto a function sheet. e. Coordinate all catered functions. f. Disseminate information to all concerned department heads and staff members through preparation and distribution of detailed function sheets at weekly staff meetings. g. Assist in planning menus and aid in the creation of specialty menus and theme functions. h. Requisition or obtain equipment and supplies needed for each function. Ensurethat they correspond to client's specifications, where applicable. i. Make additional arrangements such as flowers, champagne, entertainment, cakes, etc., as appropriate. j. Inspect each function room prior to scheduled event to check whether room setup, menu, and schedule of events conform to the function sheet. k. Hire, train, supervise, and terminate banquet staff. Complete and post weekly staff schedules ensuring an adequate number of staff to serve each function. Provide banquet staff with a copy of each function sheet to enable them to gain a thorough understanding of the clients' expectations prior to the event. Keep accurate payroll ledgers of banquet staff. l. Continually direct and assist banquet staff during the entire event to ensure that all details are carried out according to the client's specifications. m. Prepare and present accurate function bill to the client at the completion of the event and collect payment. *All Division Chairs who will be offering this course must sign. The Division Chair initiating the request must sign in space 1; the Lead Division Chair in space 2, and other Division Chairs will sign in spaces 3 and 4. _______________________________ Campus Director Date JSRCC Form 112 (Revised

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