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DCCCD IMED 1316 - Chapter 11 Sample Questions

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IMED 1316, Chapter 11 Sample QuestionsMultiple Choice. Choose the best answer.1. Java can be described as:a. a more sophisticated form of JavaScriptb. an object-oriented programming languagec. a language created by Netscaped. none of the above2. JavaScript can be described as:a. an object-oriented scripting languageb. an easy form of Javac. a language created by Microsoftd. none of the above3. Select the true statement from those listed below. a. Java applets are contained in files with the .class extensionb. Java applets are not copyrighted c. Java applets must be saved in a different folder than web pagesd. All of the statements above are true4. Select the combination of technologies used in DHTML.a. Client-side Scripting, Document Object Model, Web Browserb. Client-side Scripting, Cascading Style Sheets, Javac. Document Object Model, Cascading Style Sheets, Web Browserd. Document Object Model, Cascading Style Sheets, Client-side Scripting5. Animations in Flash format (.swf) can be created:a. only by Macromedia Flashb. by a number of applications including Macromedia Dreamweaverc. with Microsoft FrontPaged. none of the above6. Java applet parameters are configured using: a. DHTMLb. the applet tagc. javscriptd. none of the above7. Select the tags used to place a .swf file on a web page.a. <script>b. <object> and <embed>c. <script> and <object> d. <applet> 8. Select the true statement from those listed belowa. To provide for accessibility when creating interactive web pages using DHTML navigation place arow of text navigation links on the page. b. JavaScript is often used to edit and validate form informationc. Java can be used to develop both stand-alone executable applications and applets that are invoked by web pages. d. All of the above statements are true.9. When displaying a Java applet, the browser invokes the _______ to interpret the bytecode into the appropriate machine language.a. Java Virtual Machine (JVM)b. JavaScript interpreterc. Windows operating systemd. Java Compiler 10. Select the technology that was developed by a joint effort between Netscape and Sun Microsystems.a. Javab. JavaScriptc. Flashd. DHTML11. The _______ defines every object and element on a web page. a. Document Object Modelb. Browserc. Operating Systemd. None of the above12. Select the tags that can be used to add media to a web page.a. the <media> tagb. only the <object> tagc. the <audio> and <video> tagsd. the <embed> and <object> tags13. The file extensions .wav, .aiff, .mid, and .au are used for:a. audio filesb. video filesc. both audio and video filesd. none of the above14. When the <embed> tag is used to add media to a web page, a. the control console is always shownb. the file always plays automaticallyc. only the Windows operating system can play the filed. none of the above15. The code to add a video called “sales.mpg” to a web page is:a. <embed src=“sales.mpg” height=“100” width=“100”></embed>b. <embed src=“sales.mpg” height=“100” width=“100” />c. <video src=“sales.mpg” height=“100” width=“100” />d. none of the

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