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Department: Physics and Engineering Credit Hours: 4 and 1 hoursCourse Number: PHY 235 and PHY 236I. Title: PHY 235-Mechanics, Heat and Wave MotionPHY 236-Mechanics, Heat and Wave Motion LaboratoryII. Catalog Description: Kinematics, dynamics, energy, momentum, wave motion, and thelaws of thermodynamics. Calculus and vector notation used. PHY 235 and PHY 236must be taken concurrently. Three lectures and two recitation meetings per week for PHY235. PHY 236 has two hours laboratory per week.III. Purpose: This course is designed for students planning to pursue a technical career(physics, engineering, computer science, chemistry, medicine, etc.). Its basic purpose isto introduce these students to the classical fields of physics commonly referred to asmechanics, thermodynamics and wave motion.IV. Course Objectives: The student should gain an understanding of, and proficiency in thefollowing items. A. The experimental foundations upon which physics is based.B. The development of physical laws in the solution of problems.C. The application of physical laws in the solution of problems.D. The development of analytical, logical thought processes which are required forproblem solution, and which are also applicable in analyzing situations which occur ineveryday life.E. The experimental techniques which are used in science.F. A familiarity with laboratory equipment and measuring devices. V. Content Outline: A. Units, Physical Quantities, and VectorsB. Motion Along a Straight LineC. Projectile MotionD. Newton’s Laws and Their ApplicationsE. Work and EnergyF. Impulse and MomentumG. Rotational MotionH. Equilibrium of Rigid BodyI. Periodic MotionJ. Temperature and HeatVI. Instructional Activities: Lecture, discussion, problem solution, computer exercises, laboratory, and examinations.VII. Field, Clinical, and Laboratory Experiences: PHY 236 consists of one 2-hourlaboratory per week, with experiments complementing the PHY 235 lecture material.VIII. Resources:Semester: Classroom: Class time: Instructor:Office hours: IX. Grading Procedures: Performance on regular examinations, homework sets, and a comprehensive finalexam will be considered in determining the course grade.Four Hourly Exams-72% - NO PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATORS Final Exam-18% Monday, December 8, 8 a.m.Homework-10% - To be completed according to assigned format.A=90-100 B=80-89 C=70-79 D=60-69 E=0-59Note: No student may receive audit credit for the course without consent of theinstructor. Attendance and participation is required for audit credit.Note: No student may withdraw from the course and receive a “W” (no penalty)after the University’s posted date of Friday, October 31. Students who officiallywithdraw from ALL courses November 1 – December 5 will receive a grade of “WP” or“WE”.X. Attendance Policy: No attendance record will be kept. However, each student will beheld responsible for all material covered, homework assignments made, changes in examtime, etc. that might have occurred during missed periods.Make-up: Permission from the instructor prior to the due date is necessary for themake-up of any assignment. Permission from the instructor prior to the scheduled examtime is necessary for the make-up of any missed exam. Exceptions will be made in thecase of sudden illness or accident if supporting statements are received from a qualifiedphysician, addressed to the instructor, stating that the student was prevented fromperforming the missed task.XI. Academic Honesty Policy: Complete academic integrity is expected of all students.Graded individual assignments and examinations should consist solely of the work of thatindividual whose name is on the document. Cheating on examinations will not betolerated. Cheating is defined to be the use of any unauthorized source of information forthe purpose of deceiving the instructor in evaluating the student’s performance or to gainan unfair advantage over fellow students. Students who are caught cheating will receivea failing grade in the course.XII. Text: Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics, 5th Ed., SerwayXIII. Prerequisites: Calculus (MAT 250) is a

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