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SU OPER 576 - Project Management

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Project Management OPER 576Session AgendaProject Management TradeoffsProject Life Cycle Stages12 Rules of PMSlide 6Slide 7Project Initiation: ProcessesStatement of PurposeStakeholdersProject CharterSlide 12DeliverablesDeliverables: CriteriaDeliverables: EstablishingMilestonesScope (General)Risk IdentificationInitial Project ScheduleInitial Project Plan ChecklistII. Project PlanningSlide 22Slide 23Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)Slide 25Slide 26Slide 27Slide 28WBS: How to…Slide 30WBS: Factors to ConsiderSlide 32WBS: How Low to Go?Work PackagesMindmapping ExamplesWBS ExampleSlide 37Slide 38Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)Project Management OPER 576Definition/InitiationGreg Magnan, Ph.D.Spring 2004Session AgendaA) Check-inB) Initiation / Planning PhaseC) Team formation / ProjectsD) Report outProject Management TradeoffsProjectPriorities?Project Life Cycle Stages12 Rules of PMI. Thou shalt gain consensus on project outcomesII. Thou shalt build the best team you canIII. Thou shalt develop and comprehensive and viable plan and keep it updatedIV. Thou shalt determine the resources needed to get the project done(Source: Baker and Baker, 2000)12 Rules of PMV. Thou shalt have a realistic scheduleVI. Thou won’t try to do more than can be doneVII. Thou will remember that people countVIII.Thou will gain the formal and ongoing support of management and stakeholders(Source: Baker and Baker, 2000)12 Rules of PMIX. Thou must be willing to changeX. Thou must keep others informed of what you’re up toXI. Thou must be willing to try new thingsXII. Thou must become a leader(Source: Baker and Baker, 2000)Project Initiation: Processes•Determine Project Purpose •Identifying Stakeholders / Project Team–Expectations?•Create Project Charter•Define Project Goals/Deliverables•Define Project Scope (CSSQ)•Develop Initial Project Plan–Statement of Work–Project Schedule•Determine Communications Plan•Define Project Operating PrinciplesStatement of Purpose•Why are we here?•Objectives?–Business Need–Product Family•What customer problem is being solved?•“What will this look like at the end?”•May reference business caseStakeholders•Project Leader•Project Team Member•Sponsor–Grants authority•Project Customer•Resource Managers–“Manage upward”•Contractor/SupplierProject Charter•“A formal document providing authority to a project manager to conduct a project within scope, quality, time and cost and resource constraints as laid down in the document.” –[Max Wideman Glossary]Project Charter•Elements (from New York State OFT)–Background–Project Objectives & Deliverables–Critical Success Factors (CSF)–Required Resources–Constraints–Authority•Review with Sponsor AND TeamDeliverables•“The physical items to be delivered for a project. This may include organization attributes, reports and plans, as well as physical products or objects.”•“Deliverables include intermediate products or services that are necessary for achieving the project’s final results. Deliverables are always measurable because they can be counted or observed in some way.”•Max Wideman’s PM Glossary• Criteria•Must be Specific•Must be Realistic•Must have a Time component•Must be Measurable•Must be Agreed Upon•Must identify Responsibility for achievingDeliverables: Establishing•Make a list (brainstorm)•Remove those that are a step in meeting goals and not part of the “end result” [milestone?]•Ensure meet criteria–Part of THIS project?–Doable?•Written down/agreed toMilestones•A point in time representing a key or important intermediate event in the life of a project. A milestone should be capable of validation by meeting all of the items prescribed in a defining checklist as agreed with the stakeholders. •A clearly identifiable point in a project or set of activities that commonly denotes a reporting requirement or completion of a key component (DELIVERABLE!) of a project. •Max Wideman’s GlossaryScope (General)•CSSQ•Resources ($, people, supplies, equipment)•“The work content and products of a project or component of a project. Scope is fully described by naming all activities performed, the resources consumed and the end products which result, including quality standards. A statement of scope should be introduced by a brief background to the project, or component, and the general objective(s).” [Max Wideman’s Glossary]Risk Identification•Create list–Eventually: Event (likelihood) and Impact (time or $)•Possible Drivers (NYS OFT)–culture of the Performing Organization–the level to which the end result is defined (the more complete the definition, the lower the possibility of risk)–technology used on the project (proven vs. new)–relationships among team members–impact on work units–ConstraintsInitial Project Schedule•Estimates of Major Deliverables / Dates–Milestones–Major Tasks–Precedence Relationship•First Cut at TimelineInitial Project Plan Checklist•Project Objectives / Purpose–Success Factors•Charter / Authority–Team Members –Reviews with Stakeholders•CSSQ (cost, scope, schedule, quality)–Deliverables–Milestones–Technical Requirements–Cost Estimates•Constraints•Risk Identification•Initial Project ScheduleII. Project PlanningTo organize the work / avoid future problemsAssemble TeamDetermine Tasks (Work Breakdown Structure)Assign Responsibility (Resp. Assign. Matrix)Sequence DeliverablesSchedule Milestones / DeliverablesSchedule ResourcesIdentify Risks / Protect the Plan (mitigation plans)II. Project Planning3. Assemble Project Team / Kickoff•Who will be on the team?•Team Phases•Forming/Storming/Norming/Performing•Motivation throughout project•Kickoff Meeting•Icebreaker / Sponsor / Team contract•Inclusive / “Parking Lot” for issues•Review Charter w/ team / FeedbackII. Project Planning•Develop Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)•A graphic or outline depicting how major deliverables relate to sub-elements•Establish specific outputs & accomplishments•Hierarchical listing of all project elements•Lowest level detailed tasks (work packages)•Work that can be assigned to individual or group•Measurable outcome•List major Deliverables (DBS)•Enables planning, scheduling, budgetingWork Breakdown Structure (WBS)•A deliverable-oriented grouping of

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