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Slide 1CM4120 Chemical Plant Operations Lab Introduction to Chemical ManufacturingSlide 3Slide 4Slide 5Slide 6Slide 7Slide 8Slide 9Slide 10Slide 11Slide 12Slide 13CM4120 Chemical Plant Operations Lab Quality ManufacturingSlide 15Slide 16Slide 17CM4120 Chemical Plant Operations Lab Quality Management ToolsSlide 19Slide 20Slide 21Slide 22Slide 23Slide 24CM4120 Chemical Plant Operations Lab Introduction to Supply Chain ManagementSlide 26Slide 27CM4120 Chemical Plant Operations Lab Introduction to Supply Chain ManagementSlide 29Slide 30Slide 31Slide 32Slide 331Introduction to Chemical ManufacturingCM4120Chemical Plant OperationsD. CasparyJanuary, 20092CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabIntroduction to Chemical ManufacturingOutline:A Chemical Engineer’s Role in IndustryInternal and External Influences and ConstraintsWhat is Quality Management?What is Supply Chain Management?3CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabIntroduction to Chemical ManufacturingPrimary Goal of Chemical Manufacturing?How does your company achieve that goal?4CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabIntroduction to Chemical ManufacturingAgricultural ProductsAutomotiveCoatings and AdhesivesConsumer ProductsEnergyEnvironmental RemediationFood ProcessingIntermediate ProductsPetrochemicalPharmaceutical / Health CarePolymer ProcessingPulp and PaperSemiconductor IndustryBroad Range of Industries:5CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabIntroduction to Chemical ManufacturingEntry-level titles for B.S. Chemical Engineers:Chemical EngineerProcess EngineerProduct SpecialistProduct EngineerProject EngineerResearch EngineerProduction Engineer6CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabIntroduction to Chemical ManufacturingJob Responsibilities will include:Provide service or product on a timely basisManage supplier relationshipsManage customer relationshipsSufficient quality, consistentlyExpand existing marketsDevelop new productsContinuing education/professional development7CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabIntroduction to Chemical ManufacturingKey events of the past 10 to 15 years have changed the business climate in the US and world-wide…Breakup of Soviet UnionFree/open trade between Western European countries – EU and EuroNAFTA and CAFTA, future FTA’sChina granted Most-Favored-Nation trading statusAdoption of Shipping ContainersExpanding markets and infrastructure development in India, China, Pacific Rim, and African nations8CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabIntroduction to Chemical ManufacturingCatastrophes (man-made or natural) impact the manufacturing environment…9/11 Incident and other terror attacks worldwideMajor hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.WarInstability in the price of oilStock market crash of 2008Lending crisis of 2008Companies must adapt to survive9CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabIntroduction to Chemical ManufacturingBusiness ConstraintsYour company must maintain a level of competitiveness/profitability while complying with:Environmental, Health, and Safety regulationsLabor lawsTax lawsPatent LawHomeland Security ActInternational trade agreements10CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabIntroduction to Chemical ManufacturingAdditional Constraints:Certifications or quality assurance standardsSupplier and customer auditsInternal politics/ biasesYour own moral and ethical standardsNeed to critically review all aspects of the business to maintain competitive edge.11CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabIntroduction to Chemical ManufacturingWays to improve profitability:Increase Incomeincrease throughputincrease on-time order fulfillmentimprove stability of processimprove qualityDecrease Expensesreduce inventory – product, feedstocks, sparesmaintenance costslabor costsproduction costsenvironmental releasesenergy costsoff-spec product12CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabIntroduction to Chemical ManufacturingAll improvements fall into one of two categories:Improved processing and control thru Quality Management, orIncreased profitability thru efficient Supply Chain Management13CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabIntroduction to Chemical ManufacturingYour company is driven to continuous improvementby your customersby your competitorsby a changing worldIn summary:What you (your company) did yesterday isn’t good enough for tomorrow!14Increased Profitability thruQuality ManagementCM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabQuality Manufacturing15CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabQuality ManufacturingHow is Quality defined?Quality is what adds value to your raw materials.ISO9000: The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied need.Quality is always defined by the customer.16CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabQuality ManufacturingWhat is Quality Management ?Managing systems and processes for the elimination of errors.Creating an environment for continuous improvement.17CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabQuality ManufacturingFormula for a generic process:A+B=Cwhere A=system contribution, B=human contribution, and C=desired (measurable) outputmanipulating either A or B causes variation in CVariation is the enemy of quality manufacturing! – W. Edwards Deming18Application ofQuality Management Tools to PDMS Pilot Plant- a few examples -CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabQuality Management Tools19CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabQuality Management ToolsDeming CycleSix Sigma DMAIC Cycle20CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabQuality Management ToolsGoal setting:Helps us “maintain constancy of purpose” if we define our purpose and set appropriate goals.Goals must be attainableGoals must be measurable“Reduce variation in product viscosity” is a poorly written goal.“Reduce the variation in viscosity to + or – 5 CSt” is better because it is measurable.21CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabQuality Management ToolsFishbone (Cause and Effect) DiagramJason CopenhaverJason GudenauJeff MaranaJosh WenschlagMarch 20, 200322CM4120Chemical Plant Operations LabQuality Management ToolsPareto Chart:cause frequency percentcumulative totalmiscalculated loadings 13 37 13neutralize too soon 7 57 20added wrong qty EB 6 74 26inadequate strip 4 86 30bad viscometer reading 4 97 34loaded wrong chemical 1 100 35Viscosity Variation Problems0246810121416182023CM4120Chemical Plant Operations

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