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M235 (Calculus Lab I) Fall 2009INSTRUCTOR: Dr. HundleyOFFICE: Olin 234OFFICE HOURS: T, R, F at 11AMFeel free to schedule an alternative time to meet if you can’t make thesehours. Otherwise, if my door is open, feel free to come in. You can also emailme anytime.OFFICE PHONE: 527-5151EMAIL: [email protected] WEBSITE: l course handouts will be available on our website, so you might want tobookmark it.1. Goals: The two main goals of this course are to (1) learn mathematicssoftware (Maple), especially in the context of solving specific problems,and (2) learn how to write mathematics using LaTeX (which includestypesetting commands). Additionally, we want to foster your ability towork in groups - More on that later.2. Software: We will be using Maple for our mathematics work and LaTeX(pronounced “Lay-Tech”, different than rubber) for the word processing.Everyone in class will need access to the Mathematics computer lab- ourfirst day will involve logging on and looking at some computer basics (ourlab uses the Linux operating system rather than Microsoft Windows).3. Grading: Your grade will be based on the written reports you turn in,and an assessment of how you have been working in your groups.There will be no exams in this course. You will turn in 6 reports overall(for percentages and schedule, see the next page). After the initial labs,a rubric will be used to grade your papers- You should take note of thecriteria used. The final grade will be a letter grade based on the standardscale (90-80-70-60).At the end of the semester, you will be asked to give a numerical assess-ment of each of your previous partners (on a four point scale). The overallaverage will count for ten points of your overall grade. (So the averagewill be out of 110 possible points)4. Group Work: You will do your assignments collaboratively with a part-ner. Lab partners will be assigned randomly at the beginning of eachlab, and you may not switch partners until that lab is completed. It isyour responsibility to make sure that your partner contributes fairly tothe project, and remember that you will be assessed by how well you areworking together- For example, you should:1• Arrive on time.• Ready to go when they do arrive.• Ready to help, willing to do their fair share of the workload.• Willing to schedule off-hour meetings.File Sharing: Be sure that each partner in the group has access to filesthat we created in previous class sessions- An easy way to share is to useeither Netfiles or email the final product(s) to each member of the group.5. Plagarism: Your write ups should be completely your own- the onlyexternal source you may use is your Calculus book, and when you use it,be sure and cite it (there are old calc books on the bookshelf you may useas needed).6. Late Work: Late work will be accepted, but a penalty will be assigned,5% for the first day late, 10% for the second day late, 15% for the thirdday late, and so on.7. Other items:If you have a learning disability that will require special arrangements foryou, please let me know as soon as possible.I will not take attendance, but you are expected to come to class and workwith your partner. If you need to miss class or an appointment with yourpartner, please do them (and me!) the courtesy of an email.8. Lab Schedule (Subject to Change)Week Date Topic % of Grade1 Sep 2/3 Introduction2 Sep 9/10 Lab 1, Part 1 103 Sep 16/17 Lab 1, Part 2 Due next starting time4 Sep 23/24 Lab 2 105 Sep 30/Oct 1 Lab 2 Due next starting time6 Oct 7/8 Lab 3 157 Oct 14/15 Lab 3 Due next starting time8 Oct 21/22 Lab 4 209 Oct 28/29 Lab 4 Due next starting time10 Nov 4/5 Lab 5 2011 Nov 11/12 Lab 5 Due next starting time12 Nov 18/19 Lab 6 25Break13 Dec 2/3 Lab 614 Dec 9/10 Lab 6 Due Monday, Dec

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