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calpoly.eduExcel ResourcesExcel Resources RESOURCES FOR EXCEL PROJECTS Compiled by Elizabeth Howell Brunner Tutorials from UniversitiesExcel introduction, in five parts, from the University of North Carolina Part One Part Two Formulas & Functions Charts / Data Management instructions from Rollins College Recording Macros Financial Functions Excel tips for beginners from a Geology Professor in Canada Introductory MaterialThis online "Getting Started" guide, an excerpt from a textbook, provides a nice overview Orientation for Beginners, a simple tutorial Useful Excel tips that anticipate common problems faced by students. Microsoft's official Excel site. Quality of the information varies, but worth checking. Tips on Formatting Data practical tips from a training firm: (1 of 3)2/3/2005 10:24:34 AMExcel Resources More Advanced ResourcesThe Spreadsheet Page, sponsored by a columnist from PC World, includes Frequently Asked Questions, software tips, links, and even a joke collection. Follow these tips to create a Data Map with Excel: Be informed about the Excel Laroux Virus which plagues our classroom each quarter.,1400,7506+4+0,00.html For more sophisticated users, this ZDnet article "Master Excel Spreadsheets" will help you avoid calculation errors. And for the student who probably should have challenged out of this course, try "Advanced Spreadsheet Programming" by Eric Wells: Online CalculatorsCalculating Download Time for Web Files Martindale's Online Calculator Center Home Decorating Calculations Cost of Living Comparisons between Cities Comparison of Renting and Buying Cost of a Baby from Birth to College ClickCalcs: What will it take to be a millionaire? Professional Examples (2 of 3)2/3/2005 10:24:34 AMExcel ResourcesThis Australian company is trying to sell football spreadsheets. Don't even think of plagiarizing in this way, but feel free to get some layout ideas from the web site. Example of spreadsheet that calculates corporate vehicle and mileage costs. Remember to Accurately Label All Charts and Use Complex Formulas for the Highest Grade Example of Excellent Student Excel Project Excel Shopping Spree ExerciseSuggestions for Excel Data Sets Excel Pictographs & Other Examples Created by Elizabeth Brunner Designed with Netscape Composer Gold Bead Tile from Pat's Graphics Updated on May 10, 1999 (3 of 3)2/3/2005 10:24:34

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