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UST 289 Physical Geography Summer 2007 Page 1 of 4 Cleveland State University Physical Geography (UST 289 2nd 6 weeks) Levin College of Urban Affairs Summer Semester, 2007 Blackboard Department of Urban Studies Email: [email protected] or Instructor: Winifred Weizer [email protected] Office: UR217 Hours by appointment Phone: 216-702-8300 (leave message) Course Description: This course is an introductory examination of the development of the physical environment in which we live. The course will cover this development drawing from a number of scientific fields, among them being meteorology, geomorphology and agronomy. Course Objective: The objective of the course is to assist the student in understanding how the physical environment has developed and its impact on our metropolitan areas both suburban and urban. This course will also assist the student to understand how geographical knowledge can aid in understanding and solving problems of the city. An emphasis is placed on helping the student to relate science to their everyday lives. Course Method: This class is an internet class. Students are expected to complete all assignments as noted. Discussion will occur via discussion boards. Grading Policy: Grades are based on the results of exercises, quizzes, a short paper and participation on discussion boards. There will be five quizzes given (one per week). Five short answer exercises will be done on a weekly basis. One short paper will also be assigned. The grade points will be distributed as follows; Quizzes (5) 35% Short Exercises (6) 30% Short Paper 20% Earthweek board 15% Students are required to post weekly. Assignments are due as noted. Late assignments are subject to a 5% grade penalty per week they are late. Text: Strahler, Alan, Strahler, Arthur. 2003. Introducing Physical Geography Fourth Edition. New York, NY. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Special Summer Semester Note: Please be aware that taking semester classes in a six-week period is different than taking a class over 15 weeks. Students like 6 week classes since they are over quickly. Students also dislike 6 week classes since they can easily fall behind in the work and the time to catch up is short. Internet classes can be more of a challenge since we do not meet face to face where the instructor is reminding you of what is due. I would point out to the student though that a six week class can be a fantastic opportunity to hone your time-management skills. To help encourage you to work on those skills assignments are due on a weekly basis and you are required to post weekly. This should help you stay on task. Please take the time to refer to the calendar on Blackboard to verify final due dates for assignments.UST 289 Physical Geography Summer 2007 Page 2 of 4 Announcements and emails will also be sent to the student through Blackboard so be sure to check these areas as well. The student is responsible for being aware of any changes in due dates etc that are relayed to them by these means. Blackboard: Assistance is available to the student one on one from the computer lab monitors in the Urban computer lab located on the lower level of the building in room 40. Please let the monitor know that you are registered for UST 289. There is also a Blackboard troubleshooting/instruction guide on the website in .pdf format located at Class Schedule and Readings Week 1: Chapter 1 to 3 Course Introduction. What is Physical Geography, The Earth as a Rotating Planet, The Earth’s Global Energy Balance, Air Temperature Earthweek ending July 6, 2007 Exercise 1 is due July 13 Quiz 1 is due July 13 Week 2: Chapter 4 to 6: Atmospheric Moisture and Precipitation, Winds and Global Circulation, Weather Systems Earthweek ending July 13, 2007 Exercise 2 is due July 20 Quiz 2 is due July 20 Week 3: Chapter 8 and 9: Biogeographic Processes, Global Biogeography Earthweek ending July 20, 2007 Exercise 3 is due July 27 Quiz 3 is due July 27 Week 4: Chapter 10 and 11: Global Soils, Earth Materials Earthweek ending July 27, 2007 Exercise 4 is due August 3 Quiz 4 is due August 3 Week 5: Chapter 12 and 13: The Lithosphere and Plate Tectonics, Volcanic and Tectonic Landforms Earthweek ending August 3, 2007 Exercise 5 is Due August 8 Exercise 6 is due August 10 Quiz 5 is due August 10UST 289 Physical Geography Summer 2007 Page 3 of 4 Additional Information Quizzes: There are six quizzes. Due dates are as noted in the syllabus for each one. The quizzes will cover the material that is from the book. I will post a review sheet that will contain the terms you need to know for the questions. The questions will be true and false and multiple choice. There are between 10 to 15 questions on each quiz. Quizzes are timed, you will have 45 minutes to complete the quiz. You will only have one opportunity to take each quiz. I strongly suggest that you take the time to fill out your review sheet before taking the quiz. Application Exercises: The application exercises consist of three to four questions. These questions are designed to help you apply the material from the book to real life. The exercises should take a minimum of 2 to 3 paragraphs per question. I anticipate that your answers will reflect that thought will given to your responses. The internet links provided by the instructor are to help you get started. You are free to find other sources. Be sure that you appropriately cite your answers. Please see the paragraph regarding plagiarism below. Exercises are to be submitted to the instructor by the due date using the drop box. Due dates are as noted in the syllabus and in the assignment area Short Paper: The short paper helps the student to relate what we present as happening in our physical environment to what is reality. The instructor will provide the student with the topics that can be used for the paper. Be SURE to read through the topic sheet and answer all of the questions that the instructor asks to maximize your grade. Be sure that you appropriately cite your answers. Please see the paragraph regarding plagiarism below. EarthWeek Board: The student is required to access the weekly map that is posted on Blackboard or at or is published in the Cleveland Plain

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