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SPC VNSG 1138 - Mental Illness

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1 SOUTH PLAINS COLLEGE-REESE VOCATIONAL NURSING PROGRAM COURSE SYLLABUS COURSE TITLE: VNSG 1138 Mental Illness PRE-REQUISITES: Approval of Program Director. SEMESTER/YEAR: Fall 2011 INSTRUCTOR: Tara Strawn, MSN, RN OFFICE: Room 505 OFFICE HOURS: By appointment only OFFICE PHONE: 716-4719 I. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will be a study of human behavior with an emphasis on emotional and mental abnormalities and modes of treatment incorporating the nursing process. II. COURSE LEARNING OBJECTIVE: The student will identify common mental illness and malaseptive behavior; utilize the nursing process to assist in planning care for the individual with mental illness or malaseptive behavior; and discuss trends in the management of the individual requiring psychotherapeutic treatment. A. Required Textbook: Introductory Mental Health Nursing, by Donna M. Womble (2011), 2nd Edition B. Attendance Policy: There are no excused absences in the Vocational Nursing Program. Roll is taken for each class. A student who is not present when roll is checked is ―absent.‖ A student must sign in for each class; if a student fails to sign in, the student is marked ―absent.‖ Students are not allowed to disrupt the class for tardiness. A student may come into the classroom following a break; the student must sign in after the break. A student who leaves before the end of class is ―absent.‖ A student who misses more than 2 classes in this course cannot meet course objectives and must withdraw from the VNP. C. Examination Policy: 1. See Lecture/Test Schedule. 2. Presentation of material includes class lecture, discussion, handouts, transparencies, videos, guest speakers, film strips, class participation/presentation, exams. 3. Grades are recorded on an excel program that calculates the average of grades. Each student should know current course averages for all classes. Students must earn a ―C‖ or better in this class for progression. Students have the opportunity to review all grades as they are recorded. Should the student have any questions about a specific grade or specific test question, the student must discuss this with the instructor within 48 hours of notification of grade assignment. Once the 48 hours have passed without the student questioning the grade or question, the assigned grade is final and may not be challenged at the end of the course. The final exam may not be reviewed. Please refer to your SVN handbook for additional comments about grades.2 MISSED EXAMS/MAKEUP WORK: Students are expected to take all examinations for each nursing course. In the event that missing an exam is unavoidable, the following policy allows a student to ―make-up‖ the missed exam. 1. The student must contact the instructor within 48 hours of missing the exam to schedule the make-up exam. Should a student fail to contact the instructor within 48 hours of the scheduled exam, a grade of “0” will be recorded for the missed exam. 2. The make-up exam will be given at the convenience of the instructor and may be administered through the SPC Learning Center at building 8 if the instructor desires. 3. The make-up exam will follow the original test blueprint; however, the make-up exam will be essay, fill-in-the-blank or some other type exam but will NOT be the standard multiple choice exam. Additionally, the length of the make-up exam will be much less than the original exam, making the value of each make-up question much greater. 4. A make-up final exam may only be done under documented extenuating circumstances and will follow the same format as all make-up exams. Should the student be unable to take the make-up final exam before the start of the next semester, then that student cannot continue or graduate from the program with the rest of the class. A grade of “I” will be given to the student who cannot take the final at the scheduled time. Students who receive an ―I‖ for missing the final will have to wait to start the next appropriate semester as a readmission student. 5. NO exams will be given prior to the originally scheduled exam; students who know they need to miss an exam may schedule the make-up exam with the course instructor prior to the original exam, but they will still be required to take the exam after the rest of the class. 6. There will be a comprehensive final. The final is 40% of the grade. All other work is 60%. 7. No hats, caps, or blankets allowed in classroom at any time. No backpacks, books, food, or drinks allowed in classroom during exams. 8. All cell phones and pagers should be turned off during class. Should a cell phone or pager go off during an exam, that student’s test will end immediately with a ―0‖ recorded for this test grade. This ―0‖ will remain as part of the student’s average and cannot be changed as for a missed exam grade. Grading Policy: The grading scale for this course is the same as for all other vocational nursing courses: ―A‖—90-100 ―B‖ –80-89 ―C‖—75-79 ―D‖—70-74 ―F‖—69 and below In the interest of consistency, all grades will be calculated as follows: Grades are not rounded up or down 79.9 = 79.9. All exams taken during this course will be averaged for your final letter grade. The average will be rounded to the nearest whole number; i.e., 79.4 = 79 for a letter grade of ―C‖ for the course. If the average of all exams = 79.5, the average will be rounded to 80 for a letter grade of ―B‖ for the course. Computation of grading: Exams 60% Vocabulary 10% Final Exams 30% 100% The student must make a final grade of 75 or greater to pass Mental Illness. Computing of grades will be discussed the first day of class. All grades are counted equally for total course grade. D. Assignment Policy: See Lecture/Test Schedule3 E. Additional information The student is responsible for reading, understanding and abiding by the policies of this syllabus, the student policies of South Plains College Vocational Nursing Program and the policies of the South Plains College General Catalog. III. COURSE OBJECTIVE Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to 1. Identify current trends of therapy for the emotionally ill. (C-5, C-6, C-7, C-8, F-1; F-7, F-8, F-9, F-10, F-11) 2. Utilize the nursing process in developing a plan of care for an individual with a

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