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ASSEMBLIES OF GOD THEOLOGICAL SEMINARYBTHM/PCSM/PTHM 640 (3 Credits)David Lim, D. Min COURSE SYLLABUSCOURSE DESCRIPTIONCOURSE OBJECTIVESTEXTBOOKCOURSE METHODOLOGYCOURSE REQUIREMENTSDue Date: First day of class, Tuesday, June 19, 2007Due Date: 21 May 2007 (This is one month prior to the class so your professor will have a chance to critique it first.)BIBLLIOGRAPHYPeriodicalsASSEMBLIES OF GOD THEOLOGICAL SEMINARYSpringfield, Missouri19 – 22 June 2007BTHM/PCSM/PTHM 640 The Holy Spirit in Preaching & Worship(3 Credits)David Lim, D. MinCOURSE SYLLABUSCOURSE DESCRIPTIONThis is an eclectic course, combining biblical (especially Paul, Mark, Luke, and John), missiological, theological and pastoral insights to the gifts of the Spirit. It presents the biblical theological base for ministry in Spiritual gifts and an understanding of the church and her major functions from a theological and structural point of view. Pastors and Missionaries need to grasp the sensitivities and unique needs of multi-cultural churches, especially as it relates to spiritual gifts. Most importantly, the development of gift ministry in our own lives is emphasized and practiced. A component of the biblical preaching with Pentecostal priority and emphasis is incorporated into the course. It provides general and specific principles of empowered preaching with a Pentecostal distinctive.COURSE OBJECTIVESUpon the completion of the course, the participant should be able to:1. Defend and teach a strong Biblical perspective of the work of the Holy SpiritA. through exercise of all the giftsB. through understanding the cosmic context (spiritual warfare)C. through understanding the church context (structure and flow)2. Exercise the gifts regularlyA. in personal lifeB. in appreciation of the subtleties and perspectives in a multi-cultural contextC. in view of missions and the second coming of Christ3. Evaluate contemporary phenomena and lead his/her church forward from the basis of biblical authority.4. Understand and analyze how Spirit-empowered preaching can be effective.BTHM/PCSM/PTHM 640 The Holy Spirit in Preaching & Worship Page 2David LimTEXTBOOKLim, David. Spiritual Gifts: A Fresh Look. Springfield, MO: Gospel Publishing House, 1991.Haddon Robinson & Craig Brian Larson. The Art & Craft on Biblical Preaching – A Comprehensive Resource for Today’s Communicators. Christianity Today International, 2005. Additional Recommended Reading (not compulsory to purchase it):Nelson, Alan. Creating Messages that Connect. Loveland, Colorado: Group Publishing, Inc., 2004. Stone, Dave. Refining Your Style (Learning from Respected Communicators) with Audio Samples from Experts on CD. Loveland, Colorado: Group Publishing, Inc., 2004. COURSE METHODOLOGYTwo thirds of the course will focus on the Spirit in worship and life. These sessions will combine lecture, video, discussion and actual ministry times. We will learn from the experience and wisdom of the students as well as from the professor. Class interaction is invaluable and expected. One third of the course will focus on the Spirit in preaching. We will focus on three areas to lift your preaching to the next level: the Focus and the Filter (100-question grid for sermon preparation), the Content and Critique (evaluating students’ sermons and outlines), and the Dynamic and Diversity (observation of key Pentecostal preachers and other communicators as to what makes their preaching effective). COURSE REQUIREMENTSPre-Session:1. The participant should thoroughly read the professor’s book, Spiritual Gifts: A Fresh Look, as well as Trask, Goodall and Bicket, The Pentecostal Pastor (pp. 79-104; 215-257; 29-318; 541-608). Write a 5-8 page reflection paper on the materials, highlighting the most significant concepts and the reason for their significance.Due Date: First day of class, Tuesday, June 19, 20072. Submit your best sermon in an outline form. You will take 5 minutes in class to walk us through the sermon before we critique it as a class. BE prepared to project it onto the screen.BTHM/PCSM/PTHM 640 The Holy Spirit in Preaching & Worship Page 3David LimDue Date: 21 May 2007 (This is one month prior to the class so your professor will have a chance to critique it first.)Session:1. The participant should attend all class sessions. Class sessions will be from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., Tuesday through Friday (19 – 22 June 2007).Post-Session:1. Write a 10-page essay reflecting summary and insight from the class as you are putting these concepts together in your own person and ministry.2. M. Div. students shall prepare a formal research paper of 12-15 pages (typed, double-spaced) on a specific topic related to the gifts of the Spirit. D. Min. students shall be 15-20 pages. Standard AGTS format is expected as required in Turabian 6th edition style guide, including footnotes, bibliography, title page, outline of the contents, introduction and conclusion/summary. A minimum of 5 to 8 sources with proper documentation. Topics may include: a study on a specific gift of the Spirit; an enabling ministry such as apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher, a contemporary issue of Pentecostal/Charismatic concern. Other topics may be approved by the professor during the week of class.3. Write a second sermon, after the course, in a semi-outline form that you have worked through the 100-question filter.4. Further reading: from the bibliography or other relevant literature. Submit a bibliographic report including the books and how many pages were read.M. Div. students: 700 pagesD. Min. students: 1500 pagesDue Date: 10-page essay paper on 14 July, sermon and research paper on 20 August 2007.Send all assignments to:AGTS Attention: Dr. David LimEmail Address: [email protected] GRADINGPre-Session Reading & Reflection 15%10-page Reflective Essay 25%Additional Reading 10%Research Paper 25%Sermon in semi-outline form 25%BTHM/PCSM/PTHM 640 The Holy Spirit in Preaching & Worship Page 4David LimBIBLLIOGRAPHYAker, Benny C. and Gary B. McGee, eds. Signs & Wonders in Ministry Now. Springfield, Missouri: Gospel Publishing House, 1996Anderson, Neil T. Victory Over the Darkness: Realising the Power of Your Identity in Christ. Ventura, California: Regal Books, 1990.________. The Bondage Breaker. Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Publishers, 1990.________.

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