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UT Arlington EE 5351 - AVS Project and AVS-Video Techniques

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11AVS Project and AVS-Video TechniquesLu YuZhejiang [email protected] of AVS VideoDec.13, 2005ISPACS 2005Dec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu2Outline Why AVS Standard structure of AVS Standard structure of AVS-Video Technical characteristics of AVS part 2 Technical characteristics of AVS part 72Dec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu3Vertical & Horizontal Standards Vertical Digital television broadcasting (DVB, ATSC) Streaming (ISMA) Visual disk (DVD forum) Multimedia service (MMS) and I-mode (JP) Horizontal Digital audio-visual coding standard (MPEG, H26x, AVS)AVSAVSDTVDTVStorage MediaStorage Media StreamingStreamingMobile multimediaMobile multimediaSystemSystemSystemSystemTCP/IPTCP/IPSystemSystemSource codingSource codingSystemSystemWirelessWirelessSource codingSource codingSource codingSource codingSource codingSource codingS/T/C DTVS/T/C DTVStorage MediaStorage MediaDec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu4Patent Pool Policy Previous StandardTechnical standard followed by patent poolPrice subject to licensors onlyMight be more than 1 patent pool AVSPatent pool policy advanced to the standardPrice subject to licensors, licensees, and public communityOne-stop shop3Dec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu5Technical reason –necessity & possibility MPEG-2 (1992)More than 10-years oldCompression efficiency⌧4.7GB DVD – 2 hours movie (5.3Mbps)⌧18GB – 2 hours high definition movie (20Mbps) MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 (2001-2002)Advanced coding techniques⌧Multiple –reference frame inter-frame prediction⌧Content-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding⌧…High compression efficiency ⌧1.5~2Mbps for SD, 6-8Mbps for HD)⌧Save of storage space, save of channel bandwidth, save of frequency spectrum resourceDec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu6Short history of AVS Mar18-21. 2002 178th Xiangshan Science Conference, Beijing, “Broad-band Network and Security Stream Media Technology” June 11, 2002 Science and Technology Department of MII released a bulletin about setting up “Audio Video Coding Standard Workgroup” on China Electronics News June 21, 2002 “Audio Video Coding Standard Working Group” was set up in Beijing. Aug 23-24, 2002 first meeting of AVS, AVS united with MPEG-China. Website of AVS opened to the members formally. Dec 9, 2002 Department of Science and Technology of Ministry of Information Industry issued the notice of Setting up “Audio Video Coding Standard Working Group” and assigned the task of the group Dec 19, 2003 On the 7thAVS meeting, AVS-P2 (Video) was finalized.4Dec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu7Authorization documentDec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu8AVS members (Nov.30,2005)132 membersLocal companies Types⌧Consumer Electronics⌧Communication⌧Computer and Software⌧ICLocal institute and universityMNC and foreign companies5Dec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu9Short history of AVS Dec 19, 2004 On the 7thAVS meeting, AVS-M was finalized. Mar. 2, 2005 Authentication of ‘AVS101’ -- high resolution decoding chip May 25, 2005 AVS Industry Alliance June. 8, 2005 Joint AVS/ISMA workshop on IPTV standard and Industry ForumDec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu10Standard Structure of AVSParts小组草案(WD)工作组草案(CD)最终草案(FCD)标准送审稿(FD)国家标准(GB)AVS1-P1(System for Broadcasting)2003.1 2003.12 2004.4 2004.8AVS1-P2(HD/SD Video- Jizhun Profile)2003.1 2003.12 2004.4 2004.8AVS1- P2(HD/SD Video- Extension Profile)2005.9 2005.12 2006.3 2006.9AVS1-P3(Audio- 2 Channels)2004.12 2005.3 2005.7 2005.9AVS1- P3(Audio- 5.1 Channels)2005.9 2005.12 2006.3 2006.6AVS1- P4(Conformance test)2004.8 2004.8 2005.6 2005.9AVS1- P5(Reference Software)AVS1- P6(DRM)2005.3 2005.9 2005.12AVS1-P7(Mobility Vide o- stage1)2005.3 2005.6 2005.6 2005.9AVS1- P7(Mobility Video-stage2)AVS1- P8 . 1(AVS over IP)2005.3 2005.9 2005.11 2005.12AVS1- P8 . 2(AVS over IP)2005.9 2005.12 2006.3 2006.6AVS1- P9 . 1(System- File Format)2005.3 2005.9 2005.11 2005.12AVS1- P9 . 2(System- File Format)2005.12 2006.3 2006.6 2006.96Dec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu11Standard Structure of AVS-Video Application DrivenAVS-Part 2⌧AVS Video Jizhun Profile • High Definition Broadcasting, High Density Storage Media, …⌧AVS Video Enhancement ProfileAVS-Part 7⌧AVS Video Jiben Profile• Local playback on mobile devices• Limited error resilience tools• Reasonable compression performance and complexity of decoder instead of encoderDec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu12MPEG-2 VideoEntropy CodingIQ/ITMotion compensationControl DataCoeff.MVInter/IntraControlDecoderMotionestimationTrans./ Quant-07Dec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu13Entropy CodingIQ/ITMotion compensationControl DataCoeff.MVInter/IntraControlDecoderMotionestimationTrans./ Quant-DeblockIntra-frame PredictionH.264Dec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu14Entropy CodingIQ/ITMotion compensationControl DataCoeff.MVInter/IntraControlDecoderMotionestimationTrans./ Quant-DeblockIntra-frame PredictionAVS Video --Framework8Dec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu15Profile and Level in AVS-P2JiZhun (基准) Profile (Dec. 2003)4 level⌧4.0 : up to Standard Definition with 4:2:0⌧4.2 : up to Standard Definition with 4:2:2⌧6.0 : up to High Definition with 4:2:0⌧6.2 : up to High Definition with 4:2:2X Profile (2006)Dec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu16AVS-P2 Tools AVS-P2 accepted 42 technical proposals from more than 200.  Major tools  Transform – 16bit-implemented 8x8 integer transform Quantization and scaling - scaling only in encoder Intra prediction – 5 modes Motion compensation – 16x16/16x8/8x16/8x8 modes Quarter-pel interpolation – 4-taps interpolation filter Deblocking Entropy coding Minor tools Motion vector prediction Skipped mode and Coded block pattern Adaptive scan9Dec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu17Bit Stream StructureSequenceFrameSliceMacroblockBlockBlock size:8x8-basedABCDEFGHIJDec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu18Picture TypePicture type: I-frame P-frame: at most 2 reference frames B-frame: 2 reference framesI BBPBBP10Dec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu19Intra-frame Prediction and CompensationDec.13, ISPACS 2005Lu Yu20Intra Prediction Modes 8x8-based Luma 5 modes:0. Intra_8x8_Vertical1. Intra_8x8_Horizontal 2. Intra_8x8_DC3. Intra_8x8_Down_Left4. Intra_8x8_Down_Right Chroma 4 modes:0. Intra_Chroma_DC1. Intra_Chroma_Horizontal2. Intra_Chroma_Vertical3.

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