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Alex KramerTable of ContentsSpeaking ExercisesMajor Speech AssignmentsAudience Analysis ProjectOutline PlannerINTRODUCTION:BODYTotal 40 pointsPeer Critique FormPeer Critique FormSPEECH #3 - QuestionsSPEECH #3 - Questions3. Are you concerned about our ecosystem and its contamination? Yes NoPUBLIC SPEAKING COURSE PACKETAlex KramerTable of ContentsSpeaking ExercisesSpEx #1 Assignment Sheet 2SpEx #1 Outline Planner 3SpEx #2 Assignment Sheet 4Major Speech AssignmentsSpeech #1 Assignment Sheet 5Speech #1 Outline Worksheet 6Speech #1 Self-Evaluation 8Speech #2 Assignment Sheet 9Speech #2 Topic Selection & Analysis Worksheet 10Speech #2 Peer Critique Form 12Speech #2 Self-Evaluation 14Speech #3 Assignment Sheet 15Speech #3 Questions 17Audience Analysis ProjectAudience Anaylsis Project 19Sample A.A. Survey 20Survey Template 21Evaluation FormsSpeech Evaluation Form 22SPEAKING EXERCISE #1Popular CulturePURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENT:We all engage with aspects of popular culture on a daily basis and for many of us this plays an important part of our lives. Your goal in this short presentation is to describe some aspect of popular culture that is important to you and explain why it has significance in your life. You can choose from music, TV, movies, games, books, etc., but make sure keep it narrow in focus and highlight the personal connection you have with your topic. You will receive credit for this assignment by completing the outline planner as well as delivering your presentation to the class.REQUIREMENTS: Your presentation should be no longer than two minutes, but at least a minute and a half. Be sure to time yourself when practicing your speech. Your presentation should have three parts--an introduction, body, and conclusion. Try to begin with an effective first sentence (attention getter). For the body, use two or three main points (supported by examples/details) to tell somethingunique about your topic. Conclude with a thought that you want the audience to remember (clincher). You should practice your speech several times so that you can deliver it in an extemporaneous speaking style. You should use 1-2 notecards during your presentation. You may use one visual aid if it would add to our understanding of your topic.  Your outline planner should be turned in prior to your presentation. It does not need to be typed, but does need to be written legibly. POINT DISTRIBUTION:Organization 5 pointsContent 3 pointsDelivery 2 pointsPlanner 5 pointsTotal 15 points2NAME: ____________________SPEAKING EXERCISE #1 – Popular CultureOutline PlannerSPECIFIC PURPOSE: To have my audience understand . . .INTRODUCTION (Begin with an effective first sentence):BODY (State each point as a complete sentence):I. A.B.II. A.B.III. A.B.CONCLUSION (End with an effective last sentence):3SPEAKING EXERCISE #2Persuasive ImpromptuPURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENT:This speech will introduce you to persuasive speaking by having you take a stand on a particular topic that you will choose in class. Although this topic might not be of the most serious nature, you will be expected to create compelling and logical arguments tosupport your position. You will be given credit for this assignment by completing your notecard as well as delivering your speech to the class.REQUIREMENTS: You will choose a topic in class from a list provided by your instructor. You will then have a limited amount of time to prepare a one to two minute speech on the topic. You will need to construct a central argument (thesis) based on the topic that you will support throughout the speech. Your thesis should clearly take a stand behind one of the "sides" implied by the topic.  You will develop several main points that support your thesis with sound arguments,and you will provide detailed examples and reasons to support your arguments. Youwill then come up with a brief introduction and conclusion. You will need to use one notecard during your presentation, which you will turn in afterwards for credit. POINT DISTRIBUTION: Organization 5 pointsContent 3 pointsDelivery 2 pointsNotecard 5 pointsTotal 15 points4SPEECH #1Educational GoalsPURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENT: Speech #1 is based on your goals for your education, whatever they may be. Why didyou decide to go to college? What do you hope to accomplish while you are here?What do you hope to do with your college education once you have completed it? Thisspeech is NOT a term paper/research speech and you do not need to do any additionalresearch. It should be about what you know and personally feel and think about youreducational goals. We should come away from this speech feeling like we knowsomething personal about you.REQUIREMENTS: The speech should be three to four minutes in length. Delivery is to be extemporaneous using 3-4 notecards. These are to be turned in following your speech. The introduction and conclusion should be fully developed and there should be a definite, logical transition bridging each component of the speech. Each main point should be clearly stated and well developed. A typed, full-sentence outline is to be submitted on the day of your speech. Please follow the format on the outline worksheet. POINT DISTRIBUTION:Organization 8 pointsContent 7 pointsDelivery 5 pointsOutline 10 pointsTotal 30 points5Name:________________OUTLINE WORKSHEET THESIS/CENTRAL IDEA:INTRODUCTION:BODYI. MAIN POINT:A. SUBPOINT:1.2.B. SUBPOINT:1.2.Transition:II. MAIN POINT:A. SUBPOINT:1.2.6B. SUBPOINT:1.2.C. SUBPOINT:1.2.Transition:III. MAIN POINT:A. SUBPOINT: 1.2.B. SUBPOINT:1.2.CONCLUSION:7Name:________________SPEECH #1Self-EvaluationOverall, how well do you think you achieved the purpose of this speech?Describe your level of comfort and confidence during the speech. Compare how you felt with how you look on the videotape. Did you feel more nervous than you appeared?What one goal do you have for improving the element of content in your next speech?What one goal do you have for improving the element of delivery in your next speech?8SPEECH #2InformativePURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENT: The primary purpose of informative speaking is to ensure the audience's clearunderstanding of the ideas presented. The purpose of Speech #2 is to present a clearexplanation of complex material to the audience. This is a scholarly endeaver whichmeans you are required to do research and cite your sources. You

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