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EXPERIENCING THEATRE: THS 100. 01 3 credits Instuctor: Marion McCorry/ email – [email protected]/ x3442 Text: The Creative Spirit: An Introduction to Theatre Wed. - 10:30am -11:45am Office Hours: Tuesday/ 10:00 AM –Noon / also, by appointment. Description: The course will introduce the student to all aspects of Theatre. We will discuss and examine specific areas of production – acting, directing and design, most specifically. Further, we will briefly study the origins and evolution of Theatre – looking at certain historical periods. The final phase of the course will involve students working in groups on a chosen play. Each student will investigate a specific role – as actor, director or designer. Objectives: 1) To both intellectually and emotionally open the student to the experience and excitement of Theatre. 2) To study and examine the practical problems and obstacles involved in theatrical production. 3) To lay the foundation for a thorough knowledge and understanding of all areas of Theatre – production, performance and history. Course Outcome: 1) The student will have a hands –on, working knowledge of the collaborative nature of theatrical production. The ability to define and express your creative ideas in relationship to a team effort will be understood and experienced. 2) The breadth of theatrical literature and the role of this art form and the artists defining the culture will be understood at a fundamental level. The student’s life experience of the theatre and appreciation of theatre will be greatly informed, enriched and enhanced. 3) The student’s understanding of her own creative process and its contribution to the collaborative effort will be seen, expressed and enlivened. Assignments: The course is divided into three sections - examination and exercises, study, discussion and quizzes and finally, production and performance. Assignments will include rehearsed exercises, quizzes and rehearsal and performance. Attendance at Performing Arts Dept. productions and the Theatre trip to New York is mandatory. Grading and Evaluation: Grading is based on the effort and commitment invested in the performance work (60%) as well as the preparation for the discussion and quizzes in the historical section (40%). Make-up Policy: Any quizzes that are missed will be made up by a written paper on a specific, theatre topic appropriate to our class discussion. Missed performances and rehearsals (without explanation) will drop the student one grade level. The class is participatory and needs an honest level of responsibility to function. Honor Code: I fully support the Cedar Crest College Honor Code and the Classroom Protocol as stated in the Customs Book.Disabilities: Students with documented disabilities who may need academic accommodations should discuss these needs with me during the first two weeks of class. Students with disabilities who wish to request accommodations should contact the Advising Center. Absences: After two absences grade will be reduced one half level for each additional absence (i.e. B to B-) Coming late counts as half an absence. Schedule: Wed. 1/21 - Introductions, Games, Improvs. Assignment: 1) Read Chapter 1 / Professional Performance Stories 2) Read Chapter 11 - The Actor 3) Acting Assignment : Paired Exercises from Rosenfeld Series Wed. 1/28 - Perform Paired Acting Exercises (in Class) Discussion : Performance Stories & the Actor Video - Bill Irwin/ “ A Flight of Fancy” Assignment: Read Chapter 12/ The Director Wed. 2/4 - Discussion: The Director’s role in Theatre Yesterday and Today A/B Scenes - Examined as a Group/ Paired and performed Assignment: Scenes, Actors and Directors are chosen and assigned to be performed next week. Assignment: Read The Elizebethan Theatre – pp. 40 – 46 Wed. 2/11 - Discussion: The Elizebethan Theatre Contemporary Scenes performed and discussed. Wed. 2/18 - Contemporary Scenes / cont’d Quiz #1 - on Elizebethan Theatre, Directing, Acting Chapters Wed. 2/25 - Video - Shakespeare Abridged// Much Ado About Nothing Assignment: Read Chapter 13 - The Designers Wed. 3/4 - Guest Speaker on Design / Question and Answer Session Tour of TCC Mainstage Theatre - Backstage/ Lighting, Costumes, Set Design Assignment: Read Chapter 4 – Understanding Style/ Realism Wed. 3/11 - SPRING BREAK Wed. 3/18 - Discussion/ Realism Video: Chekhov/ Williams/ Miller/ Ibsen Wed. 3/25 - ****Theatre Trip/ New York Theatre Workshop**** Tickets/ $15 Wed. 4/1 - Quiz#2 – on Realism and Design Chapters Discussion of Play Production Choices - Assignment of student’s specific role/ Director, Designer or Actor. - Auditions, First Rehearsal, First Production Meeting - Play Production, Rehearsal and Performance ScheduleWed. 4/8 - Production Meetings / Rehearsal Wed. 4/15 - Production Meetings / Rehearsal Wed. 4/22 - Final Dress Rehearsal Wed. 4/29 - Final

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