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TROY ACT 4496 - Managerial - Cost Accounting II

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TROY UNIVERSITYMASTER SYLLABUSSORRELL COLLEGE OF BUSINESSACT 4496Managerial/Cost Accounting IIPrerequisites: ACT 3395.Description2008-2009 Catalog: Manufacturing and distribution cost accounting, material, labor and overhead costs in job order and process cost accounting. These courses must be taken in sequence.2009-2010 Catalog: In depth analysis of advanced cost accounting issues from the viewpoint of management, including cost management systems, target costing, life cycle costing, and measures of performance, including the Balanced Scorecard. ObjectivesOn completion of the course, the student should be able to:1. Explain how to account for joint costs, by-products, and scrap.2. Describe the organizational role of a cost management system.3. Describe the different types of responsibility centers and how organizations measure their performance.4. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of different capital budgeting techniques.5. Explain the importance of quality in competing in the global economy.6. Explain how to account for quality costs.7. Explain how decisions made in the product design stage affect life-cycle costs.8. Calculate the target cost of a new product and explain how companies use target costing in designing a new product.9. Explain how companies use Kaizen costing for continuous improvement in reducing product costs.10. Explain how a just-in-time manufacturing system can reduce waste.11. Describe the accounting implications of a just-in-time manufacturing system.12. Describe how companies evaluate and improve performance, including the use of the Balanced Scorecard.PurposeTo show how organizations use cost accounting to make better strategic and tactical decisions in the global economy and to show how organizations measure and improve performance. Master Syllabi are developed by the senior faculty in each business discipline. This Master Syllabus must be used as the basis for developing theinstructor syllabus for this course, which must also comply with the content specifications outlined in the Troy University Faculty Handbook.The objectives included on this Master Syllabus must be included among the objectives on the instructor’s syllabus, which may expand upon thesame as the instructor sees fit. The statement of purpose seeks to position the course properly within the curriculum and should be consulted byfaculty as a source of advisement guidance. Specific choice of text and other details are further subject to Program Coordinator guidance.1 August 2005Master Syllabus: ACT 4496 2Approved TextsKinney, Michael R. and Cecily A. Raiborn, Cost Accounting: Foudations and Evolutions, 7th Edition (or current edition), Cengage Learning.SupplementsAs deemed appropriate.ACT 4496Managerial/Cost Accounting IICourse OutlineChapter 11 Allocation of Joint Costs and Accounting for By-Product/ScrapChapter 12 Introduction to Cost Management SystemsChapter 13 Responsibility Accounting, Support Department Cost Allocations, and Transfer PricingChapter 14 Performance Measurement, Balanced Scorecards, and Performance RewardsChapter 15 Capital BudgetingChapter 16 Managing Costs and UncertaintyChapter 17 Implementing Quality ConceptsChapter 18 Inventory and Production ManagementChapter 19 Emerging Management PracticesTroy State University Faculty Handbook (2001): Section [extract]—22 essential elements of the syllabus (somewhat modified for space):a. Course titleb. Course numberc. Termd. Instructore. Prerequisitesf. Office hoursg. Class days, timesh. Classroom locationi. Office locationj. Office telephonek. Course description, objectivesl. Text(s)m. Other materialsn. Grading methods, criterion weights, make-up policy, mid-term grade reportso. Procedure, course requirementsp. General supports (computer works, writing center)q. Daily assignments, holidays, add/drop & open dates, dead day, final examr. Additional services (Americans with Disabilities Act, other statements)s. Absence policyt. Incomplete-work policyu. Cheating policyv. Specialization requirements (certification, licensure, teacher

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